Back Surgery and Still In Pain?? . . You Have Options.

Have you every heard of Code M96.1? It’s Modern Medicine’s Stunning Admission About Back Pain and Surgery.


If you’ve had back surgery and are still in pain, or if you’ve been told you need surgery, this may be the most important message you read today…

Because hidden inside the mountain of data produced by doctors here in the U.S. is a single code that reveals a startling secret about back pain sufferers and back surgery…

It’s called Code M96.1 and doctors use it to note a condition called Failed Back Surgery Syndrome.

Simply put, when you experience the same kind of pain or symptoms, or an increase in pain, or new pain after a back surgery, you’ve got Failed Back Surgery Syndrome.

And whether you’ve ever heard about this before or not, it’s all too common for those who’ve gone under the knife.


Just listen to this…


Over 1,150,000 people in the United States get back surgeries each year. *

Yet “an enormous number of back surgeries don’t give patients long-term relief…” says Charles Rosen, M.D.

And Dr. Rosen should know. He’s a clinical professor of orthopedic surgery at the University of California, Irvine, School of Medicine.


Here’s the grisly truth:

A staggering 36% of these back surgeries fail to achieve results for the patient.

That’s 414,000 patients per year who end up suffering from Failed Back Surgery Syndrome.

So what typically happens when you’re still in pain after a surgery?

You guessed it – more surgery.


In fact, an analysis of Washington State hospital data revealed that two years from their initial surgery, around 8 percent of patients have another surgery.

If you follow the data ten years past their initial surgery, a whopping twenty percent of people have another surgery!

Sadly, as surgeries pile up, relief dwindles and failure rates skyrocket.

Translation: More surgeries equal less relief.

Add to that the lethal danger of infection… the need for wildly addictive pain pills… the grueling rehab… the mental, emotional and physical toll of surgery…

For a 36% failure rate? Or another surgery two years from now? How about the same debilitating pain you had before – or possibly worse pain after surgery?

Until recently that made up the bulk of your choices… that or just “toughing it out.”

But today, if you’re a victim of Failed Back Surgery Syndrome, there’s a scientifically proven, FDA approved, drug free solution that can give you the long-term relief from your back pain you’ve been searching for…

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*To be fair, in very specific cases surgery is necessary and the best option for a person, and after a thorough work up and examination we have recommended people for surgery…