What to Do if Your Chiropractor Deems You Unable to Work

Suffering from a back injury can not only be painful and limiting, but be a long process in which you will need to be patient with your body. Chances are, if your chiropractor has deemed you unable to work until fully healed, your mind may be flooded with worries about what to do next. Listed here we briefly described the next steps you can take to keep your life on track.

Take the Exercises Seriously

Your chiropractor will most likely give you printed exercises to do at home on a frequency basis. Sometimes people disregard these practices as frivolous and unneeded. Your doctor will be able to tell if you have been utilizing the resources when you are seen for check ups. All guidelines assigned from your chiropractor are for a serious reason, and you will heal faster if you take on the exercises with a positive and committed mindset.

Do Not Push Your Body

Back injuries can be unique in that some people may experience a consistent pain and strain, while others only feel their injury when they move a certain way and “tweak” the area. Especially if the latter applies to you, remember to not push your body outside the limitations described by your chiropractor. You may be causing further harm by thinking you can do more than you should.

Contact Your Employer

Your employer needs to stay updated on your treatment progress and what you are able to get done at work. Hold your boss accountable if they forget about your injuries or try to influence you to still accomplish what is beyond your limited duty as prescribed by your chiropractor.

Appoint an Attorney

If your back injury happened while on the clock at work, then you may be eligible for workers compensation and you should follow up with your employer as soon as the injury happens. In some cases, an employer may try to fight you on your incident if it is going to cost them a significant amount of money. By hiring an attorney, they can help ensure you are being treated fairly and your claim is taken seriously.

Hire Companies to Take Care of Errands

Due to your back injury, you may not be able to lift certain amounts of weight, drive a car or perform other routine activities. By hiring companies that can do lifting and delivering for you, you can then focus on resting and improving. Companies such as movers, online grocery or restaurants that deliver to your door can be useful. Make a list so you can quickly call for assistance if needed. Moving companies may be able to help with various tasks such as packaging, waste removal, house cleaning and delivery of appliances.

Remember, your chiropractor has established limitations during your back injury recovery in order to make you stronger and get back to physical health as soon as possible. Taking seriously their recommendations can make the difference between being able to use your back sooner rather than later.