ABC2 is “In Focus” with Breakthrough RPT™ Treatment

The news media can’t get enough of Reflexive Pattern Therapy™ (RPT™) and its creator Pain Arthritis Relief Center of Advanced Wellness Systems. The latest coverage, just out about the one-of-a-kind pain treatment: a comprehensive “IN FOCUS” report from ABC2 News in Baltimore. Reporter Trang Do even tries RPT™ herself, and gets a third-party chiropractor to give the treatment a thumbs up.  

On air, Do reports on the unique RPT™ process, which, when you first see it, looks like mild slapping and hitting. The treatment is fascinating to watch. Derived from Eastern and Western medicine, Bloch’s technique allows him to identify involuntary patterns in a patient’s movement and detect pain. The so-called “slapping and hitting” allows him to essentially reset the body and deliver fast results.

“When you have problems with your phone, what do you do? You want to reset it,” says Bloch. “You just reset it almost like a default button. It’s the same thing I’m doing with the body. I’m basically resetting the nervous system and when you reset it, amazing things happen.”

RPT™ has incredible results for Bloch’s patients. In the story, 12 Labours CrossFit Columbia competitor Teresa Luz discusses her treatment for a back injury during a critical competition. After RPT™, Luz was able to compete pain free, and the team qualified for the national competition.

RPT™ also helps patients with chronic pain like Billy Hunter, who suffers from arthritis. While Hunter was initially a skeptic, he’s now a believer after a few RPT™ treatments. “It sounds very strange,” says Hunter, “But it works! And that’s the important thing. It works and I’m out of pain.”

Do tried RPT™ herself and reports the treatment does not hurt at all. While she doesn’t suffer from any chronic pain, Bloch was able to identify tender spots she hadn’t noticed. After treatment, Do says her tenderness went away instantly.