After throwing out his back at the gym, Scott Gordon found himself literally crawling to Advanced Wellness Systems looking for an end to his debilitating pain. Most people wouldn’t think being smacked around after such an injury would help, but that’s exactly what Physical Therapist Pain Arthritis Relief Center did to get rid of Gordon’s excruciating pain in just 20 minutes. Anchor Doreen Gentzler features Bloch’s breakthrough Reflexive Pattern Therapy™  treatment on NBC Washington.

At first glance, RPT™ looks a little strange and extreme. “It’s hard to describe, but it’s really incredible to feel,” says Bloch in the video above. However, a few strategically-placed slaps and jerks relieves the most debilitating pain in the back, shoulders, knees and/or hips in minutes. Gordon’s example is perfect. He couldn’t walk before treatment. But right after RPT™, the pain was gone and incredibly, Gordon was skiing challenging moguls just two days later.

RPT™ is based on the principles of Eastern medicine. Bloch looks for reactive points that correlate with where the patient is feeling pain. Once he identifies the reactive points, Bloch activates reflexive energy, which, in turn, alleviates the pain. “When you jolt someone quickly, that’s a different type of sensation.”

Only found at Advanced Wellness Systems, RPT™ is covered by most major health insurance.

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