Lax to the Max: Dr. Paris Shares Ways to Stretch with Ray Megill

It’s lacrosse season, and it’s time to let loose–your body, that is. Advanced Spine & Wellness Center’s Pain Arthritis Relief Center and lacrosse pro Ray Megill demonstrate stretches to take your LAX to the max.

Dr. Paris notes lacrosse requires constant moving and changing directions. Properly stretching minimizes the risk of injury and prepares the body for all the shooting, putting and dodging on field. Megill, former Major League Lacrosse player and Performance Sport Systems lacrosse coach, adds it’s important to get blood flowing before hitting the field.

 In the video below, Dr. Paris and Coach Megill illustrate two helpful stretches to get you game ready:

  1. Active Knee to Chest. This stretches one part of the body while firing off the musculature on the other side.
  2. Quad Pull and Reach. This stretch elongates tissue and opens up the body.