Compassionate Chiropractic Care

Back Pain Doctor BethesdaIf you are suffering from chronic discomfort, you may want to consult with a back pain doctor Bethesda knows can help from the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center. Our clinic focuses on offering quality care to every patient we see. We aim to make our clients feel comfortable by offering a compassionate, welcoming environment. We understand your back may have been causing you pain for some time, and are ready to alleviate that pain through a stress-free visit with us.

We are genuinely concerned for those who regularly experience back pain, and believe good health is vital to enjoying a good quality of life. We have been assisting patients throughout southern Maryland for years. Many clients who visit us claim they are experiencing lower back pain. This area of our spine can be susceptible to instability and to injury. Ruptured discs, worn muscles, strained ligaments, improper posture, obesity and stress can all contribute to frequent lower back pain.

A back pain doctor Bethesda trusts from the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center can adjust your lower vertebrae and pelvis. Other treatments, such as pain killers and relaxants, only coat the actual problem. By seeing an experienced Bethesda back pain doctor, you can start to find relief.

10 Signs that You May Need to See a Chiropractor

1. You are experiencing chronic pain in joints and muscles.

2. The soles of your shoes wear at different times. This may be a sign your spine is not aligned and needs to be adjusted.

3. You are in a sedentary position for long lengths of time for your job, which may weaken your muscles and cause stress injuries.

4. You frequently get headaches, which may be sign from your body that something is wrong.

5. You suffered a car accident fairly recently, in which case the trauma is not always visible. A back pain doctor Bethesda residents tend to choose can help identify problem areas.

6. You are incapable of a full range of motion in certain areas of your body, and those areas are not as flexible as they have been in the past.

7. You have arthritis. A chiropractor can help alleviate pain and stiffness in problem areas.

8. You have been relying on pain pills. It may be time to treat the problem itself versus putting a bandaid on it in the form of a prescription

9. You have fibromyalgia, are chronically fatigued, or suffer symptoms with no identifiable illness.

10. You desire being more proactive in taking care of your back, and in undergoing regular healthy practices instead of only being seen when you are in immense pain.

If any of these symptoms or signs resonate with you, then it may be time to see a back pain doctor Bethesda residents seek out at the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center. We can adjust your back in order to relieve pain and discomfort, and to increase your range of motion and flexibility. We may offer you a chiropractic plan if your back pain is severe enough to need continued care. It is our goal to provide you with a positive experience, and we will attempt to alleviate any fears you may have in receiving a first-time chiropractic treatment.

Contact a Back Pain Doctor in Bethesda

Please call us today at (301) 710-9777 to receive a free consultation at the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center. Offering chiropractic services that can ease years of pain and discomfort is our passion, and the right back pain doctor Bethesda relies upon just might be the missing link between discomfort and health for you.