Stem Cells Doctor for Back Pain Bethesda, MD

An experienced stem cells doctor for back pain Bethesda, MD patients trust understands how debilitating back pain can be. At the Pain Arthritis Relief Center, our philosophy is that the healthiest and most successful treatment happens when the body heals the body. Our medical team has decades of experience in practicing both traditional and alternative medicines and have had much success in helping many of our patients obtain a pain-free life. One of our goals is to help our patients receive optimum treatment while also avoiding invasive and painful treatments like surgery.

How Does Stem Cell Treatment Work?

When a patient is suffering from chronic back pain, traditional medicine only offers two main choices. One option for the patient is to try managing the pain by medication or injections (such as cortisone). While this option may help with the pain, it does not get rid of the pain source, often leaving the patient dealing with pain management techniques for the rest of their lives.

The second option traditional medicine offers is surgery. This type of back surgery is irreversible in most cases. A seasoned stem cells doctor for back pain Bethesda, MD residents recommend understands that not only is there no guarantee that the surgery will work. In fact, there are many cases where the patient is left in worse shape and dealing with even more pain than what they had before the surgery.

Because of these limited options, research has developed alternative, noninvasive forms of treatment. Stem cell therapy is one of those alternative treatments. It works by harvesting the patient’s own stem cells and injecting those cells back into the area that is damaged. A stem cells doctor for back pain Bethesda, MD offers from the Pain Arthritis Relief Center has had much success with stem cell treatments.

Though a stem cells doctor for back pain in Bethesda, MD can explain in more detail, but basically, stem cells have the unique ability to transform into other types of cells and repair damage areas. As we age, our bodies produce fewer stem cells and those we produce are not as potent as when we were younger. Injecting a patient’s own stem cells in concentrated numbers directly into the damaged area of the back assists their body’s healing process.

As part of this process, your doctor will draw blood and take a small bone marrow sample. This process for obtaining the marrow is very different from a bone marrow biopsy and patients typically feel no pain.

We then isolate your own stem cells from the marrow and blood, creating the concentrated dose that will be injected into the area of your back that is damaged. The treatment is noninvasive and patients typically begin feeling results within three weeks after the initial treatment.

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