Physical Therapist in Rockville, MD

Physical Therapist Rockville, MDWhen a person is injured in a Maryland accident, depending on the severity of that injury and the type of damage it has caused, they may need physical therapy to help in the healing process. This is especially true if the injury has caused persistent or chronic pain and mobility issues for the patient. A physical therapist in Rockville, MD can provide treatment that will not only help reduce the pain a patient is having, but also restore the area of injury to its former level of activity and function. The following are some common questions patients have about physical therapy. For more detailed information, call Pain Arthritis Relief Center.

How does physical therapy help with pain management?

Pain can be a debilitating factor in patients’ recovery, especially when they have sustained whiplash or other soft tissue injuries. A physical therapist can suggest exercises the patient can do at home to reduce their pain.

In addition, the physical therapist can perform hands-on massage and other techniques at during the patient’s appointments. They may also treat the patient with electrical stimulation therapy and other treatments they believe will help alleviate the patient’s pain. They will also make sure that the patient’s treatment plan will avoid the risk of overdoing exercises and moving at too fast a pace, which could result in causing more damage to the area that is injured, as well as increase the patient’s pain level.

Can physical therapy help a patient avoid surgery?

There are many types of injuries that a person can sustain – such as carpal tunnel – where a skilled Rockville, MD physical therapist can develop a treatment plan that will help heal the area, thereby eliminating the need for surgery.

If a patient has had surgery, then working with a physical therapist can help the patient heal quicker and get back to the day-to-day life they had before they suffered the injury.

How does physical therapy help improve the patient’s mobility?

One of the greatest benefits of physical therapy is that it can help a patient regain mobility they lost as a result of their injuries. This is especially true in patients who have suffered a spinal cord or other injury that caused paralysis. Physical therapy techniques include passive range of motion exercises that keep paralyzed muscles from atrophying. They also include strengthening exercises for the patient’s upper body strength if they now need a wheelchair to get around.

Physical therapy can maximize a patient’s recovery from a paralytic injury. Through the use of braces and work on a set of parallel bars, physical therapy can keep legs strong enough to support the patient’s weight and increase the likelihood that the patient will eventually be able to walk once again.

If you have been injured in an accident, call Pain Arthritis Relief Center to schedule a consultation with a Rockville, MD physical therapist and find out how we can help restore you to your former level of pain-free activity and mobility.