Physical Therapist Rockville, MD

Physical Therapist Rockville, MDWhen a person has suffered an injury or has been diagnosed with certain medical conditions, in addition to receiving treatment from their Maryland physician, they may also need to work with a physical therapist in Rockville, MD in order to successfully heal the area that has been injured.  

Physical therapy is a process that may last several weeks, several months, or long-term, depending on the type of injury and the amount of damage that the body has sustained. The first appointment the patient has with their physical therapist is where he or she will evaluate your current condition, including your pain level and any mobility restrictions you have. They will ask a whole series of questions, as well as have you fill out a medical history form, and questions regarding your current condition. All of this will be used to determine what type of treatment program your physical therapist will develop for you.

What will be discussed during this evaluation?

Your Rockville, MD physical therapist will review any information provided by your primary care physician. Sometimes, referrals will have detailed notes about your condition, procedure, or therapy goals. You will be asked to discuss your pain levels as well as what activities worsen and improve pain. You may also expect to be asked to identify specific activities that you are having difficulty with. For example, your therapist may ask you what tasks at home are difficult for you to complete, whether you are able to engage in any of the activities you enjoyed prior to the injury, and if the injury is affecting your ability to work.

What are the measurements the physical therapist takes used for?

Your physical therapist may want to get some measurements about how much you are able to move the area that you have injured. For example, he or she may make note of the number of degrees that you are able to rotate or extend one of your limbs. Over the course of your therapy, your physical therapist will periodically take these measurements in order to mark your progress towards a mobility goal.

Will I have to exercise during the first visit?

You may try a few basic exercises together so your physical therapist can gauge your current capabilities. You may do just a couple of sets of repetitions. The exercises that you do may seem very challenging on your first visit, but they will become easier over time as you build strength and endurance. Your physical therapist will give you feedback on your form so that you can complete exercises with minimal pain and optimal results.

What if I have questions?

Ask away. Be ready to ask the physical therapist questions that you may have about your work together and your recovery. Try to write down your questions in advance of your visit so you won’t forget. Also, feel free to ask any questions that come up during your session.

If you have suffered an injury or are dealing with a medical condition that has impacted your physical abilities in any way, call Pain Arthritis Relief Center to meet with a Rockville, MD physical therapist and begin that road to recovery with our help.