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knee doctor rockville md Runner leg and muscle painA skilled knee doctor Rockville MD has to offer may be able to evaluate your injury and its associated symptoms to develop a safe and effective treatment plan. The knees are one of the durable, yet fragile, parts of the body. They take a great deal of strain and stress from routine activities such as walking, running, jumping, and lifting. Anyone, no matter how old you are, can endure problems in the knees which could lead to pain, difficulty walking, or popping joints. If you’re experiencing any of these things, you may want to consult with a knee doctor in Rockville MD.

The Pain Arthritis Relief Center

The Pain Arthritis Relief Center understands the complexity of the knee and the surrounding ligaments and tissues which can also be attributed to knee pain. As a leading knee doctor Rockville MD can provide, we are able to evaluate your knee to identify the core cause. After which, we can begin treatment.

When to See a Rockville MD Knee Doctor

A majority of people will experience knee problems at some point in life. Oftentimes, this results in minor pain or mobility issues which heal after a few days of rest and ice. However, if these problems do not cease, this is an indication of a serious issue which should be assessed by a medical professional.

When to See a Doctor for Knee Pain

In general, if you’re experiencing knee pain which persists beyond a few days, you may want to consider speaking with a Rockville MD knee doctor. Further indications of a potentially serious injury or problem may include:

  • Swelling that lasts more than 48 hours
  • Deep pain within the knee joint
  • Loss of range-of-motion in the joint
  • Feeling as if the knee is unstable or will give out
  • Inability to put your full weight on the leg
  • Deformity of the knee joint
  • Sudden popping or clicking sounds
  • Any type of knee joint pain in an active child

In addition to the aforementioned warning signs, if you have any of the following diagnosed injuries, a knee doctor Rockville MD respects may be able to assist in developing a practical, long term treatment plan.

  • Iliotibial band syndrome
  • ACL Injury
  • Tendinitis
  • Posterior cruciate ligament injury
  • Collateral ligament Injury
  • Meniscal tears
  • Tendon tears

Knee Osteoarthritis

If you are suffering from knee pain it’s important to remember that you are not alone. Studies have shown that 47% of Americans suffer from chronic pain. A consultation from a trusted knee doctor Rockville MD has available could help to get to the bottom of your knee pain.

If your knee pain worsens during physical activity or is often stiff you may want to consult a Rockville knee doctor and ask about knee osteoarthritis. This is a relatively common condition that can cause you pain when the bones begin to rub together because of worn down cartilage around the knee joint. The fluid around the joint loses shock-absorbing qualities which can further enhance your stiffness and pain. This typically occurs as a result of age but there are other factors that could be involved such as athletics, heredity, overweight problems, and stress injuries. It is especially common in women over the age of 55.

Nonsurgical Treatment Approaches to Knee Injuries and Pain

A knee doctor in Rockville MD may opt for non-invasive, or nonsurgical, treatment to heal an injured knee. This approach will depend on your own set of circumstances, but could include:

  • Immobilization through a brace or cast
  • Physical therapy to restore function and build strength
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines to reduce swelling
  • Injections to lubricate and cushion the joint

In the specific case of knee osteoarthritis, a knee doctor Rockville MD relies on will often recommend viscosupplementation injections. These injections have been proven to effectively decrease pain and increase range of motion in many cases without a need for surgery. This FDA approved injection contains hyaluronic acid which acts as a lubricant for your joints, something that your body should produce naturally but tends to be in low concentrations if you have osteoarthritis.

Following the injections you will also need to participate in physical therapy. As a knee doctor Rockville MD is home to can report, physical therapy is especially important in recovery from knee injuries and pain. It’s imperative to to strengthen the joint and its mobility as well as balance as it is a part of a much larger kinetic chain.

We will create specialized strength and balance programs tailored to your needs to compliment the viscosupplementation injections for the best results. It is important to remember that every case is different and you should consult with a knee doctor Rockville MD trusts for their experienced opinion.

Reflexive Pattern Therapy

If you have tried traditional methods of physical therapy without success you should talk to your knee doctor in Rockville MD about reflexive pattern therapy. This technique focuses on patterns within the autonomous nerve system that can relieve pain when located and corrected. It uses reflexes as a tool to fix these patterns within our bodies.

This method combines Western and Eastern medical practices to provide you with immediate pain relief. You will be provided with exercises to strengthen your body so that you can get back to your active and healthy lifestyle. If you are looking for relief of your pain without surgery or pills you should ask your knee doctor Rockville MD has to offer if reflexive pattern therapy is right for you.

Find the Right Knee Doctor Rockville MD Residents Can Count On

If you’re experiencing any type of knee injury or pain, you may want to see a specialist for a full spectrum evaluation and treatment. To make an appointment with The Pain Arthritis Relief Center, a knee doctor Rockville MD trusts, please call 301-710-9777.