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At the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center, a car accident doctor in Gaithersburg MD has seen the many ways that car accidents can seriously damage the body. We can imagine that you may be in pain and are hoping for a beacon of light in your recovery. At our clinic, you can rest assured knowing we are compassionate, experienced, and kind professionals who want to see you get better. Here are questions that new patients often ask us about how physical therapy can aid car accident injury recovery:

Does someone need to receive physical therapy immediately?

The sooner someone gets care for their car accident injuries, the better. Not only can physical therapy help address the issues that someone is experiencing now, but it can prevent further injury from happening. In fact, many people use physical therapy as maintenance for certain conditions and chronic issues. If you start physical therapy with a Gaithersburg, MD car accident doctor right after your accident, you are more likely to be pain-free and stay that way for years to come.

What Are Typical Car Accident Injuries That A Physical Therapist Can Treat?

A car accident, from minor to severe, can result in a myriad of injuries that can take months to recover from. Whiplash, neck pain, back pain, fractures, broken bones, bruises, and sprains are all common injuries sustained by car accident victims. Since many car accident injuries result in neck and back pain, their treatment plans usually address these areas. No matter how severe your injury is, a physical therapist understands that recovering from car accident injuries will take time. Physical therapists take great care in developing treatment plans specific to each injury so that patients can do exercises and treatments which are appropriate for their ability and condition. 

How Does Physical Therapy Help Car Accident Injury Recovery?

Many people don’t realize how bad their injuries are after a car accident until they are in significant pain and discomfort. Common symptoms that patients report after a car accident include stiffness, pain, headaches, and reduced range of motion. Physical therapists develop comprehensive treatment plans for such injuries, which may include a combination of several different therapies. For example, a treatment plan may consist of exercises, stretches, and massage therapy. Through the methods that physical therapy offers, patients are likely to notice their strength increasing, flexibility improving, and keeping pain symptoms reduced. We hope that if you are considering physical therapy you contact our clinic today for more information.

How Long Will It Take For Me To Make Progress? 

After a car accident, your body is subjected to a lot of damage. Your mobility will be extremely limited, and you may find that it will take quite a while for you to see improvement. The period of time it will take for you to fully recover can be anywhere from a few weeks to several months, depending on what injuries you have sustained. It is important to take your treatment day by day and acknowledge even small moments of progress as you continue your recovery. 

How Can Physical Therapy Benefit Me? 

Physical therapy sessions are highly beneficial and conducive to recovery if you have been injured in a car accident. A physical therapist will make a target treatment plan and provide personalized guidance so that you can recover quickly and resume your normal life. They can educate you about your injuries, help you recover faster, and lend their emotional support as well as you move forward in your journey to recovery. 

Do I Need To Do At-Home Treatments?

To supplement your physical therapy sessions, a physical therapist may also instruct you to do exercises at home. These exercises and stretches can aid in your recovery, keeping your joints lubricated, improving your flexibility, reducing tension in your muscles, and helping you to maintain good posture and form. It is highly recommended that you do at-home treatments if a physical therapist instructs you to do so and follow their specific guidelines. 

What Is Something Helpful For Recovery That People Don’t Realize?

If you are hurting after a recent car accident, it may be hard to believe that moving around is a good thing. However, being active in any way the patient can will help them recover better, compared to a full rest. When a person is in locomotion, oxygenated blood can move throughout the body, which includes helpful nutrients that can aid in the body healing. Every stretch or exercise that a physical therapist suggests is going to target specific purposes with the ultimate goal of improved function and mobility. 

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If you are in pain after a car accident, all you probably want is some relief. After an examination, we can create a care plan to address your individual recovery needs. We are ready to come to your aid, just call a car accident doctor in Gaithersburg, Maryland from the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center now.