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After being in a car accident, you may not realize how vital a car accident doctor Gaithersburg, MD recommends can be. The Pain Arthritis Relief Center is here for people who have been injured in car accidents to make sure that they get the medical attention they need and to help provide any medical documentation their patients need for filing an insurance claim. We know it can be tempting to not see a doctor after you have been in a car accident when it feels like you have not suffered from any injuries. However, because injuries do not always present immediately, you may be letting an injury get worse instead of healing. Want to see how we help patients who have been in a car accident? Call our team now to set up your initial appointment. 

Why see us after a car accident?

When you come to see us after you have been in a car accident, our Gaithersburg, Maryland car accident doctor can help you heal in a drug-free, non-surgical way. After a car accident, many people suffer from constant pain or soreness. Their body requires some time to properly recover, but a victim may discover that their movement is still very much limited. Many people realize that days or weeks after their accident their neck and back pain is only getting worse and they wish they had not told the insurance company they were fine. When this is the case, you may have to pay for medical care out of pocket. Instead, call us as soon as possible after you have been in the accident. Chiropractic care has many benefits for car accident victims. Combined with other treatment options such as physical therapy, receiving chiropractic care can hasten your recovery time. 

What kinds of injuries can we help you with?

A car accident usually leaves the victim with injuries involving their necks and their backs. The force of the crash and subsequent trauma to the body typically causes extensive injuries, one of which is whiplash. Whiplash especially is one of the most common injuries after an accident. This occurs when your head jolts back and forth very quickly. You may not realize it, but when this happens, it can lead to pain in your neck, shoulders, and down your back. The pain can linger for weeks, limiting your head and neck movements. Injuries and pain from a car accident can last for weeks to months, resulting in severely limited range of motion, movement, and chronic pain. Fortunately, car accident victims can go to a chiropractor to treat their injuries. 

A chiropractor who specializes in car accident injuries can help patients regain their mobility and obtain relief from pain. Using chiropractic techniques or devices, they can develop a unique treatment plan that is designed to alleviate your pain, help your injuries to heal faster and restore your mobility. They will help you improve the functionality of your body so that you can engage in daily and recreational activities. We will want to give you an x-ray when you come into the office, get the details of the accident, and devise a treatment plan for you that does not involve medication. During a consultation, the chiropractor will speak with a patient about the types of injuries and symptoms they have. We want to get to the heart of the problem, not cover it up. Chiropractors focus on addressing the root cause of pain so that it does not resurface. 

Many car accident victims suffer from many types of short-term and long-term injuries which can be mild to severe. Such injuries can take weeks or months to fully heal and recover from. A car accident doctor in Gaithersburg, Maryland, can help you finally move forward on your long road to recovery. Your car accident is just the tip of the iceberg, and after you emerge from the wreckage of a potentially life-threatening collision, you’ll quickly discovery how much your life has been changed. Even minor car crashes can cause serious injuries, and even minor injuries require care, dedication, and careful planning if you hope to make a full recovery.

Every car accident is different, and so is every car accident injury. When you realize the extent of your injuries, you may feel completely overwhelmed, lost, and even abandoned. Fortunately, at Pain Arthritis Relief Center, we’re dedicated to helping you overcome your injuries and getting your life back on track.

What are some common car accident injuries?

  • When it comes to car accidents, whiplash is one of the most common injuries. Your neck is not meant to move back and forth rapidly, and neither is your head or shoulders. Even in a minor fender bender, you may end up feeling a lingering soreness – or even a loss of motion. Fortunately, a car accident doctor in Gaithersburg, MD, can help you regain your motion and get past your whiplash pain.

  • Burns are always a potential source of serious injury, especially in car accidents. While we can all imagine a car crash turning into a huge fireball (thanks, Hollywood) the reality is usually much less dramatic. When we exit a damaged vehicle, there is always the chance of contacting exposed, hot, metal, and this can cause serious burns.

  • Broken bones are still common in car accidents, even though more modern cars have increasingly high safety standards. Depending on the severity of your car accident, you may have a minor sprain or a serious break – all of which will require a helpful and attentive car accident doctor if you hope to make a strong recovery. Broken bones can seriously impede your ability to clock in for work, go to the store, and just carry on with everyday life, so they require the best attention possible.

  • Brain injuries and concussions: Car accidents can cause obvious injuries, but they can also cause injuries that are much more subtle. In some cases, a head injury isn’t obvious until the symptoms appear, in which case you’ll need immediate medical attention. Head and brain injuries have the potential to become permanent disabilities, so if you suspect you experienced a concussion or other type of brain injury you should seek out medical care as soon as possible.

Other injuries associated with a car accident that a chiropractor often deals with include: 

  • Bruises
  • Fractures
  • Broken bones
  • Head injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Leg injuries
  • Spinal injuries
  • Cuts or lacerations
  • Torn muscles, ligaments or tendons (whiplash, etc.)

Whatever the nature of your car accident injury, you’ll need a helping hand to get back on your feet. Car accidents can seriously upend your life, and without a proper medical practitioner helping you through your rehabilitation, you may feel completely adrift. Fortunately, at Pain Arthritis Relief Center, we know that you need all the help you can get.

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When you contact Pain Arthritis Relief Center, you’re taking the first steps to recovering your mobility, and your life. We’ll work closely with you to develop a personalized recovery plan – and we’ll be with you every step of the way. Reach out to Pain Arthritis Relief Center today, and see how a car accident doctor in Gaithersburg, MD, can help you move forward.

Recovering after a car accident

As a chiropractor who has years of experience treating patients knows, recovery from a car accident can take a long time. Depending on the severity of their injuries, many chiropractic sessions may be required over a period of several weeks. Patients should not expect immediate results right away after just one chiropractic session however, especially if they sustained serious injuries such as multiple fractures or broken bones.  

People who have been in serious car accidents should also be careful of how they move around or the activities they take part in, since certain movements can aggravate an injury or increase the recovery time. Patients should rest for extended periods and avoid moderate physical activity while they recover and attend chiropractic sessions. 

Who can I call after a car accident?

If you have recently been involved in a car accident, it may be beneficial to seek chiropractic services. Starting chiropractic treatments early shortly after a car accident can help speed your recovery. There are treatment options available that will help restore your movement. Their natural and holistic approaches to treatments can provide patients with much needed pain relief. Choose a chiropractor who has proven success treating car accident patients and is dedicated to providing you with personalized care. When you have been in a car accident, you want to make sure you begin healing at the source of the problem. Call our Gaithersburg, Maryland car accident doctor from the Pain Arthritis Relief Center for more information on how we can help you.

Have you experienced whiplash?

If you were recently in a car accident, a car accident doctor in Gaithersburg, Maryland can help you make a speedy recovery. There are many different types of car accidents, and they can all cause their own unique set of injuries. Of these injuries, one is by far the most common: Whiplash.

But what is whiplash, and what makes it so common in car accidents? And more importantly, how can a car accident doctor help you manage your whiplash? Read on to learn more about whiplash, and how it can affect you.

What is whiplash?

Whiplash is best described by using an example. In this case, we’ll look at a simple rear-end collision – it doesn’t even need to happen at high speed.

Imagine you’re sitting at a stoplight, patiently waiting for the light to change so you can carry on with your commute. Unfortunately, the driver behind you was distracted with their phone, and didn’t see that there was a red light until it was too late. You hear a screech from their tires, and feel a sudden impact: You were just rear ended.

You might not have even felt it at first, but when the other driver ran into your car, your head rapidly snapped back and forth, whipping your neck and spine one way and then the other. As the adrenaline from the car accident wears off, you collect the necessary information from the other driver, and file a police report. You go through the normal motions of any car accident you might have seen or been involved in before.

But, later that night, you notice a lingering pain in your neck. It wasn’t there before, but it’s starting to make it hard to move. And the next day, you’re unable to move your neck more than a few degrees either direction. It hurts a ton, and the pain is spreading down to your shoulders.

You’ve got whiplash. It’s time to see a car accident doctor in Gaithersburg, MD.

Don’t wait – contact a car accident doctor immediately.

Whiplash occurs when your head moves violently back and forth, snapping your neck and spine backwards and forwards like a whip. While whiplash may seem like a minor inconvenience after a fender bender, you should always get in touch with a qualified doctor as soon as possible. Left untreated, it can lead to chronic and unbearable pain in your neck, back, and shoulders. Whiplash can even cause headaches and a loss of mobility. 

Fortunately, after you experience a car accident, a medical professional from Pain Arthritis Relief Center can help you come up with a personalized recovery plan, so you can move on from your car accident and recover from your whiplash.

At Pain Arthritis Relief Center, we’re committed to helping you heal from your car accident injury. If you’ve experienced whiplash because of a car accident, we will thoroughly examine your spine and neck to determine how much you’re able to move safely, and we’ll provide comprehensive care so you can treat your whiplash injury safely and effectively.

Get in touch with an experienced car accident doctor in Gaithersburg, MD today, and see how Pain Arthritis Relief Center can help you recover.