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Where to Turn for Knee PainWhen you are suffering from knee pain, you may not realize that there are doctors available who specifically treat knee issues. At Pain Arthritis Relief Center, we help patients obtain pain-free lives and avoid knee replacement and are happy to meet and discuss how our treatment options may be able to help you with your knee pain. If you would like to meet with one our skilled knee doctors in Rockville, MD, call our office today.

What’s In a Knee?

To understand why you are suffering from knee pain, it may first be helpful to learn what makes up the parts of a knee:

·       Bones: There are three bones that form the knee joint. These are the femur, (which is the thigh bone), the tibia (which is the shin bone), and the patella (which is the kneecap).
·       Articular cartilage: In order for the three knee bones to be able to smoothly slide across each other, they are surrounded by this cartilage.
·       Meniscus: This is a different cartilage that absorbs any shock between the three bones.
·       Ligaments: Knees have two different types of ligaments, collateral and cruciate. The job of the ligaments is to connect and hold the three bones together.
·       Tendons: The tendons connect the three bones to the surrounding muscles.

All of these parts work together but if something goes wrong with even one of these components, you can see how it would cause issues – especially painful ones – with the entire knee joint itself. Injuries such as dislocations, sprains, tears, fractures, or other types of damages can cause a patient significant problems and need to be addressed by a medical professional. So where should one begin?

Medical Treatment

The first place a person suffering from knee pain and/or swelling should go is to their primary care physician. Your doctor will likely be able to determine if this is a temporary issue that just needs a little bit of time to heal, such as a sprain, or if there is a more significant injury requiring medical treatment. Your doctor may order testing, such as an MRI or X-rays to help make that determination.

Depending on what the diagnosis is, your doctor may refer you to a specialist for further diagnosis and treatment. Your doctor may send you for physical therapy. Some of the other different types of specialists your doctor may refer you to include a sports doctor, orthopedist, rheumatologist, or orthopedic surgeon.

It is important to investigate all of your knee pain treatment options. In years past, many patients had limited options for successful treatment and were often only left with surgery or other invasive treatments to choose from. Today, with so many medical advances, there are a variety of treatment options that patients can successfully avoid knee replacement surgery.

Contact a Compassionate Rockville, MD Knee Doctor

If you would like to discuss the alternative treatment options we provide here at Pain Arthritis Relief Center, that can help you avoid knee replacement Rockville, MD patients worry about, we would be happy to meet and guide you through each of our treatment options that may be applicable for your particular case. Call us today to meet with a knee doctor from our practice.