When should I see a knee doctor in Gaithersburg MD?

The human body has over 300 bones and joints. If even one of them isn’t functioning properly you might have a lot of pain and discomfort. This is especially true of your knees. Your knees have a lot of stress, from repetitive activities in your day-to-day life such as walking, running, jogging, even taking the stairs. 

But what are some signs that indicate when you can see a knee doctor in Gaithersburg, MD?

If you recognize the sign of osteoarthritis or other symptoms of other knee injuries and pain, you should certainly see any doctor in Gaithersburg, MD. You might experience pain, stiffness, just to name a few sometimes. Injuries and conditions do vary.

But you might have some questions and that’s okay.

What does stiffness in my knee mean?

Stiffness in your knee may mean many things, such as early arthritis. Medications and other health problems can cause your knee to be stiff, or it could just be normal for your knee. If the stiffness limits your physical activities, or you have swelling and pain that gets worse, talk to a knee doctor in Gaithersburg, MD. Usually the treatment for stiff knees is physical therapy. 

Could my knee pain be from arthritis?

 Yes. If you do not have knee injuries that you know of, and you are 50 years old or older, then your knee pain is most likely from arthritis. Knee pain from arthritis, which is also called osteoarthritis, is caused by wear and tear on the knee. This happens over time as a knee injury will cause pain all of a sudden due to an event.

When should I call a knee doctor in Gaithersburg, MD, about knee pain from arthritis?

If your knee pain does not get better with home remedies such as arthritis creams and heat or ice, and you have swelling that does not go away, speak with your doctor. There are treatments for osteoarthritis, but often these treatments require a knee doctor in Gaithersburg, MD, who prescribes and decides if they would be best for you. 

Should my knee hurt after playing basketball?

When playing any kind of sport, especially a sport like basketball where there is a lot of jumping, jogging and running, you should expect knee pain. This is especially true if you are up in your activity level, and have not been very active in a long time. Knee soreness is nothing to worry about as long as it is not long term. However, if one knee is sore, and you did not hurt it and just need to continue to be sore over a long period of time, reach out to your physician to talk about it.

Can anything be done to open up the space between the bones in my knees?

This is a great question. Usually when you need to ask about this type of surgery, arthritis has caused the space between the bones in your knee. And sadly there is not really a way to open it up again. Oftentimes people who have this type of arthritis also have a stiff knee, that makes the knee feel worse.