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4 Common Types of Sports Injuries

As a sports injury doctor Rockville, Maryland knows, athletes are much more prone to exercising injuries compared to the average population. Athletes are highly prone to injuries because of their highly active lifestyles. Between their frequent routine exercises and games, they undergo a lot of stress on the body, especially the joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. If you have suffered a sports injury like an ACL tear or patellar tendonitis, you can schedule a consultation with a qualified sports injury doctor like one at Pain Arthritis Relief Center to treat your pain. 

Patellar Tendinitis

Tendonitis affecting the knee is one of the most common types of sports injuries. It occurs when the area becomes inflamed, resulting in pain and stiffness. It is also known as a jumper’s knee because it is often caused by overuse and jumping motions that put a lot of stress on the knees. A doctor will typically order physical therapy and stretching to treat patellar tendinitis. 

ACL Tear 

An ACL tear is when the anterior cruciate ligament in the knee is torn as a result of an abrupt twisting motion, and is especially common among basketball players or tennis players. The symptoms include swelling, pain, tenderness, and restricted movement. It is also common for people to hear a loud popping sound when they sustain an ACL tear. It is hard to put pressure on the affected knee and keep it stable. It is often a moderate to severe injury and can require weeks of therapy to fully recover from. Severe cases of ACL tears often require surgery and can take months of recovery. 


Whenever a bone gets struck and moves out of place, it is extremely painful. They can make it difficult to move because the area feels stiff and tender. Dislocations are common for athletes, especially if they play high-contact sports such as football or soccer. A sports injury doctor will treat dislocation by carefully, but firmly putting the bone back to its original place. 


Sprains commonly affect the wrist or ankle, and they can make it hard to move around. It results from a tear of the ligament as a result of a twisting motion or landing in an awkward position, causing pain and swelling. A sprain can cause an athlete to miss multiple practices or games because they can take a long time to recover. To treat a sprain, a doctor might create a treatment plan that includes ice, compression, and physical therapy. 

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