Physical Therapy Rockville, MD

Physical Therapy Rockville, MD- woman holding neckAs a physical therapy in Rockville, MD from Pain & Arthritis Relief Center often tells patients, a physical therapist is someone who is knowledgable in body movement and functions. Their programs are directed at healing injury, preventing injury, and improving loss of movement. Physical therapists educate their patients on how to take care of their body and suggest certain exercises to do at home. 

Why would someone need a physical therapist?

There are numerous reasons why someone may seek a physical therapist, but among the most prevalent is pain in the knee joint. This joint is a hinge that connects the femur and tibia at the knee cap. There are four ligaments that offer support to the knee and if any undergo injury, the entire knee joint is affected.

What kinds of injuries are common for knees?

There are two rings of cartilage attached to the tibia (shin bone) that are responsible for absorbing shock of the knee. As this cartilage wears away over the course of time, osteoarthritis causes knee swelling and pain. Knee pain may develop suddenly or gradually get worse, either due to injury, a medical condition, or normal wear. Examples of knee pain that can improve through Rockville, MD physical therapy are listed as follows:

  • Ligament Tear Pain: results from direct blow to knee, when put under a sudden pivot or twisting while foot is firmly on ground. 
  • Anterior Knee Pain: caused when the kneecap gets moved out of its resting position, and may happen from overuse of the joint or repeated movements. 
  • Medial Knee Pain: develops when MCL gets bothered by an injury or overuse, a patient often feels pain when walking up/down a hill or squatting.
  • Lateral Knee Pain: happens when the iliotibial band is irritated, and pain may be felt like walking, running, or climbing up stairs. 

Where does knee pain first develop?

Pain may happen within the knee where cartilage has worn down. It may start as mild discomfort and grow worse. Eventually, a person may no longer be able to tolerate the pain or restriction motion, motivating them to seek our help at the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center. If you aren’t able to fully bend or straighten out your knee, have trouble with stairs, or cannot smoothly rise from a seated position, then we suggest contacting us now for a consultation.

We Are Here To Help

At our clinic, we have seen how physical therapy has benefited our patients. They are more able to go about their lives impacted by less pain and discomfort. If you need a physical therapist for a joint-related issue, don’t hesitate to contact the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center to learn more about our physical therapy in Rockville, Maryland.