Knee Doctor Gaithersburg, MD

Knee-Doctor-Gaithersburg-MD-woman-holding-kneeAs a knee doctor in the Gaithersburg, Maryland area knows, knee pain can be debilitating. It can prevent you from working comfortably or doing the things you love. If you have had persistent knee pain, you should see a doctor so they can assess your pain and find out what treatments would be effective so that your pain can be eliminated. 

Knee Doctor In Gaithersburg, MD

When you are suffering from joint pain in the knee, you may benefit from seeing a doctor at the Pain Arthritis Relief Center. Our specialists can diagnose many conditions affecting the joints and do effective treatments to provide pain relief. Call our center today to learn more about what services we offer. 

How A Knee Doctor Assesses Knee Pain

Pain in the knee can be caused by a number of things, but it’s important to get it treated right away to restore function and get relief. Exercises can provide you with fast relief if you suffer from knee pain. As a Gaithersburg, MD knee doctor like one at Pain Relief Arthritis Center can explain to you, knee pain solutions can be achieved through a combination of several treatments combined with physical therapy. Before they can determine what condition you are suffering from, a knee pain doctor conducts a thorough evaluation of your symptoms.

What A Knee Doctor Will Look For

During your first session, the doctor will check for any signs of discomfort. They will ask you to do motions like sit and stand, stretch your limbs, and bend down. Some of the things a doctor will review during your exam includes: 

  • Balance. Having good balance is a sign that your knees are functioning properly. A knee doctor will evaluate how well you are able to maintain your balance. If your posture is not even or you are not able to have balance for a long period of time, you could have a knee problem. Issues affecting balance can be caused by stress on your knee joints, resulting in pain and swelling. 
  • Gait (Walk). During your consultation, a knee doctor will assess your gait, or how you walk. They will see how you take your steps and how the weight is distributed along your feet. Walking unevenly or tenderly are signs that you have a knee problem that is limiting your ability to walk normally. 
  • Walking Up or Down Stairs. Another test that a knee doctor might make you do is see how well you are able to walk upstairs. For some people, 
  • Physical Abnormalities. If there are no visible deformities to your knee, a physical therapist will do a hands-on evaluation. They may use instruments as well to check your reflexes in the knee and to see if you have nerve pain or other symptoms. 

Schedule A Consultation 

It will take time and several sessions for you to notice any improvement. However, knee pain relief is possible. For more information about knee pain relief services that could be beneficial to you, schedule a consultation with a trusted knee doctor in Gaithersburg, MD now.