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Treatments Offered By a Chiropractor

Chiropractic care offers an assortment of benefits to patients who are suffering from conditions affecting their musculoskeletal system. With chiropractic treatment, patients can experience reduced pain, improved mobility, and greater overall health. Since the treatments are non-invasive, side effects are much less likely to occur and inflict further harm. Learn more about the various non-invasive treatments and therapies that you can expect to receive from a chiropractor in Rockville, MD

Spinal Manipulation

Spinal adjustments are perhaps one of the most common treatments that many people are familiar with. There is also a great deal of misconceptions regarding this form of treatment. For instance, many people believe that chiropractors crack joints when they perform an adjustment. However, adjustments are done by realigning the spine using the hands or an assistive device, which releases the gas trapped in the joints. This results in pain relief and relief from tense or sore muscles. 

Manual Soft Tissue Therapy

When a chiropractor performs manual soft tissue therapy, they firmly apply force to a muscle so that it can be stretched. Patients that benefit from this therapy are ones who have gone through an injury or accident that has resulted in significant trauma to the body. Through this method, the chiropractor can reduce tension and alleviate pain in the affected muscle. It helps to make the muscles less sore and more relaxed, resulting in greater flexibility and a wider range of motion. 

Drop Technique

The Drop technique, or Thompson technique, is a chiropractic method that involves the patient lying on a table, where the doctor performs quick and small thrusting movements on a specific area on a limb or along the spine. The patient may feel a subtle vibrating sensation when the “drop” is performed. It is one way to achieve realignment and eliminate pressure and pain. 

Activator Method 

A chiropractor often performs the Activator method for patients who suffer from back pain. This method involves a special chiropractic instrument, in which the chiropractor administers a small pulse to target certain spots on the spine. Using this device, the patient feels more relaxed and minimizes discomfort caused by the body seizing up. 

Massage Therapy

In addition to other therapies and techniques, a chiropractor might incorporate massage into your treatment plan. Massaging the muscles can be highly effective in treating persistent pain, especially if you have been experiencing stiff and tender muscles. It is a valuable part of rehabilitative therapies, especially if you are recovering from an injury. 

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