Stem Cells Doctor for Back Pain Rockville, MD

If you are looking for a stem cells doctor for back pain Rockville, MD residents will want to consider the Pain Arthritis Relief Center. For years we have been helping patients to alleviate back pain and resume normal life without physical hindrances. If you would like to discuss your issue with a Rockville stem cells doctor for back pain, call our office today.

The Growing Concerns of Back Pain

Back pain is considered to be a major public health concern and it affects millions of people in the United States alone. Without treatment, severe back pain can lead to significant disability, financial loss, and an inability to enjoy life. Many people have had at least one episode of back pain, with symptoms that slowly go away. For other people, however, back pain can be chronic and debilitating. Stretching, physiotherapy, massage, medication, and chiropractic treatment may be helpful. However, when these fail, it could be a good idea to consider something different. When this is the case, you might want to speak with a stem cells doctor for back pain Rockville, MD has to offer.

Injuries in the Back

The spine is complex and contains multiple structures that are prone to pain when they degenerate or are injured. The most common culprits include discs, joints, ligaments, and muscles. Pain relief injections can alleviate the pain or control it while the area heals. However, these are not always effective. Other treatments like surgery or facet joint nerve ablations (RFA) might be an option, but even these may not effectively address the issue.

Using stem cells to treat back pain is a relatively new method of treatment. A stem cells doctor for back pain in Rockville, MD may obtain a patient’s stem cells from the hip bone or fat cells. These cells are then put into a centrifuge and separated into a plasma of specific cells. The cells will then be re-injected into the disc; thereby, stimulating the healing process.

Injecting the Stem Cells

When you go to see a stem cells doctor for back pain Rockville, MD patients will first have an ultrasound or fluoroscopy scan done to identify the injury. The area will then be sterilized and a Novocain-like solution will be injected into the surrounding tissue to numb out the area. Using the ultrasound or fluoroscopic machine, the needle will be guided into the injured area and the stem cells will be injected.

Risks of Stem Cell Treatments

Stem cell injections carry very little risk. The most common risk is an infection in the area of injection. Bleeding or nerve damage are also potentials, but these risks decrease when you see an experienced stem cells doctor for back pain Rockville, MD has to offer. Rest assured, we offer safe procedures for our patients. Your physician can explain the risks to you along with any special circumstances during your evaluation.

Noticing the Benefits

In general, many patients begin to see a noticeable difference within two to three months from the completion of the stem cell treatment. Usually patients only require one treatment, but some might require two or three depending on the extent of the injury.

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