Stem Cells Doctor Back Pain Potomac, MD

Stem Cells Doctor Back Pain Potomac, MDFor many people, back pain can be infuriating, debilitating, and something that many people deal with on a daily basis. Long-term back-pain sufferers may feel as though there is no hope after the many medicines and treatments they have tried. However, stem cell doctors in Potomac, MD are using a new technique to fight back pain. Platelets, along with white blood cells and red blood cells, are one of the primary components of plasma, the substance that runs through the vessels of the human body. Each component plays an important role in the day-to-day function of the human body and platelets are no different. While red blood cells deliver oxygen and white blood cells organize the body’s resistance to infection, platelets mediate both of these functions with various growth factors. Furthermore, platelets are thought to be an essential component of wound healing, where through the secretion of several growth factors, platelets coordinate formation of a plug that allows damaged vessel to control leakage and begin the path to recovery. At Pain Arthritis Relief Center, we seek to take advantage of this unique function of platelets. By concentrating the patient’s very own plasma to create a serum that is rich in platelets, our team of Potomac, MD doctors harness the power of the patient’s own stem cells to combat their back pain and other injured areas.  

How does Platelet-Rich-Plasma therapy work for back pain?

The theory behind platelet-rich-plasma therapy rests on aiding wound healing and reducing inflammation, both thought to be augmented by administering plasma rich in platelets directly to the wound site or area of inflammation. The steps are as follows:

  1.     A blood sample is taken from the patient receiving treatment
  2.     The blood is placed into a centrifuge or other device that spins the blood at a high speed, separating its components into distinct parts based on weights
  3.     The concentrated layer of platelets is isolated from the rest of the blood sample
  4.     The platelet rich portion of plasma is administered directly to the site of inflammation or wound in the back

With this systematic approach, Potomac, MD doctors who specialize in using stem cells to fight back pain have produced life-changing results for many patients that have sought our care, and we may able to do the same for you.

Aside from back pain, what can Platelet-Rich-Plasma therapy be used for?

Platelet-Rich-Plasma therapy is one of the newest treatments in the medical landscape, and its list of proven uses in the medical literature is only growing. The following are just several of the areas in which platelet-rich-therapy has shown promise in peer-reviewed randomized controlled trials and case reports:

–       Tendon injuries (i.e. tennis elbow, Achilles tendonitis, etc.)

–       Acute ligament and muscle injuries (i.e. ankle sprains, knee sprains, hamstring tears, etc.)

–       Post-surgical recovery

–       Inflammation reduction (osteoarthritis)

Is Platelet-Rich-Plasma Therapy right for me?

Research is underway to establish the efficacy of platelet-rich-therapy in a variety of medical interventions, including and in addition to those listed above. While benefit has clearly been established in treatments of certain ligamentous injuries, it is important to note that adverse effects are minimal and limited to the pain associated with an additional injection. World-class athletes, such as NBA player Kobe Bryant and MLB player Alex Rodriguez, have received this treatment for their orthopedic injuries with immense success. While Kobe Bryant traveled to Germany for these treatments, Pain Arthritis Relief Center in Potomac, MD now offers the same innovative therapies within reach of any of our clinics. If you are searching for relief, contact the stem cells doctor back pain Potomac, MD trusts, to schedule a consultation to  help you return to your pre-injury lifestyle and rid yourself of daily back pain.