stem cells doctor for back pain chevy chase, mdStem Cells Doctor for Back Pain Chevy Chase, MD

If you are looking for a stem cells doctor for back pain Chevy Chase, MD recommends the Pain Arthritis Relief Center. Our licensed and trained specially doctors have helped thousands of people alleviate or reduce pain in the upper, middle, and lower back through surgery free treatments. Our specialists may be able to help restore your ability to enjoy normal daily activities and ease or eliminate your pain. If your would like to speak with a Chevy Chase stem cells doctor for back pain, call the Pain Arthritis Relief Center at (301) 710-9777.

What a Stem Cells Doctor for Back Pain Chevy Chase, MD Provides Can Do

Traditional treatments for chronic back pain typically include one of the following: medication (including that which can be addictive), injections, or irreversible surgery. These treatments are not guaranteed to eliminate the pain and each one does carry different, unequal side effects.

At the Pain Arthritis Relief Center, we have combined traditional orthopedic medicine with regenerative medicine and technology to create a safe alternative to surgery and long term medications. Our approach uses adult stem cells to restore, rebuild, and rejuvenate discs in the spine and other affected areas.

How Stem Cell Therapy Works

Stems cells have the ability to transform into other types of cells that the body needs to heal and repair joints. As a person ages, their stem cell count declines. When you meet with a stem cells doctor for back pain Chevy Chase, MD men and women turn to, you can learn more about the effectiveness of stem cell therapy. The procedure takes just a few hours and patients will be able to leave the clinic on the same day.

Noticing Results

The results of stem cell treatments are not immediately noticeable as a stem cells doctor for back pain in Chevy Chase, MD can explain to you. In general, patients need between three and six weeks to feel improvement. Most patients require only one treatment, and the pain reduction can last a lifetime. If hereditary or degenerative diseases are a factor for you, more injections may be needed. This is also true for serious back injuries. A stem cells doctor for back pain Chevy Chase, MD can trust might perform a thorough exam before determining a detailed treatment plan.

Conditions That May Benefit from Stem Cell Treatment

The Pain Arthritis Relief Center has successfully treated patients who have had the following conditions or injuries:

  • Herniated discs
  • Bulging discs
  • Facet joints
  • Interspinous ligaments
  • Iliolumbar ligaments
  • Annular tears
  • Arthritis

Are You a Candidate for Stem Cell Treatment?

Not everyone will be able to undergo stem cell treatment, and some will be better suited to PRP treatment or injections. To determine whether or not you are a candidate for stem cell treatments to relieve chronic back pain, we encourage you to call the Pain Arthritis Relief Center at (301) 710-9777 to schedule a consultation with a stem cells doctor for back pain Chevy Chase, MD relies on for effective medical treatment.

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