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What Are Stem Cells and What Do They Do?


If you are like many people, you have probably heard about stem cells and stem cell therapy Rockville trusts in the news, but aren’t exactly sure what they are. It’s certainly an interesting subject to talk about and debate. The doctors at Pain Arthritis Relief Center provide some further insight about stem cells below.


What Are Stem Cells?


Stem cells are human cells that have the capability to develop into other cell types. They are divided into two categories: embryonic and adult stem cells. The embryonic cells come from unused embryos and adult cells are derived from full developed tissues, like the skin and brain.


What Can Stem Cells Do?


Stem cell therapy in Rockville is talked about so much because it has promise to do so many miraculous things in the medical industry, such as:



  • Test New Drugs: There are new drugs constantly being developed to treat various illnesses. Stem cells can be used to determine the safety of these new drugs. The cells have to acquire properties of the type of cells to be tested. For example, skin cells may be used to test a new medication for psoriasis or rosacea.
  • Provide More Knowledge About How Diseases Occur: In this day and age, medical professionals are still trying to figure out how certain disease develop. With Rockville stem cell therapy, that may be possible. As stem cells eventually mature into cells in the heart, nerves and other organs, doctors may be able to figure out how certain disease come about.
  • Develop Healthy Cells to Replace Damaged Cells: Stem cell therapy in Rockville might just be able to cure many types of diseases, like heart disease, osteoarthritis and cancer. Healthy cells may be able to regenerate and repair disease tissues in patients.



How Are Stem Cells Collected?


To collect stem cells, a skilled hematologist will insert a syringe through a person’s skin on the back and into the hip bones. The process takes approximately an hour and a half an typically performed in a hospital. Patients may receive light anesthesia.


What Are the Problems With Using Embryonic Stem Cells?


Embryonic stem cells are retrieved from early-stage embryos. The cells develop when a woman’s egg is fertilized with a man’s sperm in an in vitro fertilization clinic. These cells come from human embryos, so there may be some ethical problems with the therapy.


In addition, there is a chance embryonic cells might grow irregularly in humans or cause an immune response in which the patient’s body attacks the stem cells.


Considering Rockville Stem Cell Therapy?


If you suffer from a musculoskeletal condition and are considering stem cell therapy, make an appointment with a specialist from Pain Arthritis Relief Center. We have helped patients just like yourself with various different conditions, such as foot pain, arthritis, tendonitis and runner’s knee through stem cell therapy Rockville patients rely on. Many of our patients have experienced pain relief and return to their activities quickly.


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