Stem Cell Therapy, Potomac, MD

What are the Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy, Potomac, MDStem cell therapy is a treatment that uses a patient’s stem cells to help heal damaged tissue and repair injuries. It is typically done through injections and is a simple procedure done either as an outpatient or in the office. When patients want stem cell therapy, Potomac, MD goes to Pain Arthritis Relief Center. Our team of experienced doctors understand the how powerful it is for the body to heal itself.

Some of the benefits of stem cell therapy include:

  • Treats Cardiovascular Diseases: Having a cardiovascular disease can cause the heart tissue to be deprived of oxygen and create scar tissue which would then change blood pressure and blood flow. Potomac’s stem cell therapy doctors believe that stem cells taken from bone marrow could have the ability to change into what is needed in order to fix the heart and blood vessels. This is due to the secretion of multiple growth factors. There are a few different ways that stem cell therapy is currently being used and there is also research taking place to learn how to improve heart disease recovery. Some of the ways stem cell therapy is being used include:
      • Aiding in the growth and repair of blood vessel tissue
      • Creating muscle cells in the heart to grow new tissue
      • Helping to restore blood pressure and blood flow
      • Forming new capillaries
  • Heals Incisions and Wounds: There has been research done that shows that stem cell treatments can improve the growth of new skin tissue, stimulate hair growth, increase the production of collagen, and help replace scar tissue. The stem cell therapy doctors in Potomac have found that stem cells facilitate the healing of wounds by increasing the concentration of collagen in the skin. Once the collagen matures it then becomes stronger and tightens around the damaged area.
  • Treats Neurodegenerative Diseases: Due to progress in treatment for diseases such as,Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, Alzheimer’s, and stroke recovery, it has been seen that  stem cells can be used to create new brain cells, synapses, and neurons which can help with brain injuries or cognitive degeneration. The Potomac stem cell therapy doctors have found that stem cell injections help replace neurons damaged by strokes and can help improve someone’s loss of movement.
  • Could Help Diabetes and Autoimmune Diseases: It is called immune rejection when healthy tissue and cells are damaged in patients who suffer from an autoimmune disease or other inflammatory disorders. For type 1 diabetes sufferers, the patient’s immune system damages the cells of the pancreas. For those with a thyroid condition, the patient’s thyroid gland is damaged from being attacked. Research has found that stem cells are able to change their identity and produce the needed cells. While not all stem cell therapy is available just yet, research is still being done to find new uses of stem cell therapy to be able to be made widely available.

The doctor at Pain Arthritis Relief Center understand how scary surgeries and medications can be. That is why they believe in helping the body heal itself. To learn more about stem cell therapy, Potomac should contact Pain Arthritis Relief Center to schedule a consultation.