What Should I Expect After Stem Cell Therapy Gaithersburg Residents Rely On?

stem cell therapy Gaithersburg

You have done your due diligence and have researched every aspect of stem cell therapy and are excited to begin this journey to improve your quality of life and health after the procedures. While it is important to discuss your treatment thoroughly with your doctor, there are some similarities for what you could expect following your stem cell treatment. If you are interested in learning more about the stem cell therapy Gaithersburg trusts, contact Pain Arthritis Relief Center to talk to a specialist.

Immediately After Stem Cell Therapy Procedure

Once you have received stem cell therapy at our Gaithersburg office, it is important to follow your doctor’s guidance for restrictions. By following our guidelines, you have the best chance of receiving long-lasting benefits. Some of the guidelines we provide include: resting the area for the first one to two days; not taking any anti-inflammatory medicines; and begin physical therapy as soon as you are cleared. You will experience different levels of pain immediately following the stem cell therapy, however, it will decrease after some time.

First and Second Weeks

In the first couple of weeks, you will most likely notice inflammation in the area that was treated. This is completely normal and means your immune system is working. White blood cells and other substances that the body produces causes the affected area to start swelling. This indicates that the stem cells are beginning to heal the damaged area.

The stem cell therapy doctors in Gaithersburg will advise you to rest the area for varying amount of times but will often allow for easy and light movements. Sometimes it has been found that walking can minimize soreness.

Stem cells are known to not function at their optimum level when the patient is taking anti-inflammatory medicines, so it is important to not take any ibuprofen, aspirin, or naproxen.

Third and Fourth Weeks

After a few weeks, your Gaithersburg stem cell therapy doctor may advise that you begin a range of motion, non-impact exercise regiment. These exercises could include walking, the elliptical, or exercising in the pool. The main point to recognize is that the exercise must be non-impact to allow for the stem cells to grow into the specialized cells required to heal the patient’s injured area.

Fifth and Sixth Weeks

After the first month, you could be ready to increase resistance or add time to your exercise routine. However, it is important that you increase the difficulty with caution. You need to listen to your body as the stem cells are busy building new tissue and need blood flow and oxygen to do so.

After Three Months

Starting in the third month, stem cells are known to be at their best healing potential. It is important you allow for them to work without causing them unnecessary stress.

Communication with Stem Cell Therapy Doctors

Stem cell therapy is a relatively new treatment so it is expected that you will have lots of questions all throughout the procedure. It is important that you speak with the Pain Arthritis Relief Center to learn how best to improve your health and quality of life. Contact the stem cell therapy Gaithersburg calls first, to schedule a consultation to get back to your regular activities quickly.