Stem Cell Therapy, Bethesda

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy, Bethesda Stem cell therapy is an option for treatment in which a patient’s stem cells are used to repair injuries and damaged tissue. It usually is performed rather quickly and injections are used. This procedure is typically simple and is performed either in office or as an outpatient procedure. The doctors at Pain Arthritis Relief Center believe that the human body is capable of helping to heal itself. To learn more about stem cell therapy, Bethesda calls Pain Arthritis Relief Center first.

In Bethesda, stem cell therapy doctors have found that these treatments have been found to help:

  • Decrease the amount of time it takes for wounds and injuries to heal
  • Decrease pain while decreasing the need for medications
  • Increase range of motion, sleep quality, functionality, and flexibility
  • Lessen nerve damage
  • Increase collagen
  • Decrease risk for future injuries and muscle compensations
  • Help create new blood vessel and heart tissue
  • Aid the healing of skin wounds
  • Reduce loss of hair
  • Prevent scar tissue from forming
  • Get patients back to their daily activities quickly

How Does Stem Cell Therapy Work?

In Bethesda, stem cell therapy begins with stem cells taken for either the patient’s bone marrow or fat tissue in their abdomen or upper thigh. After the stem cells have been taken from these locations, they are put in a centrifuge machine which spins the stem cells very fast and concentrates the most valuable substances. Then the sample of stem cells is injected right into the affected, painful area on the patient. This allows for the growth factors of the cells to instantly get to work and build new connective tissue, skin cells, and so on.

What makes stem cells beneficial and makes stem cell injections so powerful to heal? The stem cell therapy doctors in Bethesda believe that the following characteristics make stem cells so powerful:

  • Stem cells are not specialized to one area. They can be taken from one area of the body and put into a different area that is damaged. The stem cells will then transform into the necessary type of cell required to help repair the area.
  • Dissimilar to other types of cells, stem cells are able to divide and can turn into a different type of cell with a special function.
  • Stem cells contain growth factors, which allows for them to accelerate the healing response of the body and lessen pain without the patient needing to take medication.
  • Stem cells are able to reproduce quickly and are able to continually divide in different areas after being inactive for a long period of time. Because of this, benefits are able to be seen very quickly.

Most patients require treatments for about one week to a few months, however, because of their amazing benefits, many patients experience the effects with less pain, better mobility, and improved functionality just after one or two treatments.

If you have been struggling with constant pain and are tired of taking medication or the thought of undergoing surgery, you should speak with Pain Arthritis Relief Center. Our dedicated and experienced doctors provide the stem cell therapy, Bethesda trusts. Contact Pain Arthritis Relief Center today to schedule a consultation.