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Sports-Injury-Doctor-Rockville-MD-woman-having-leg-examinedA sports injury doctor in Rockville, MD from the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center knows what it takes to help patients recover from a serious sports injury. One of the most prevalently preferred forms of treatment for sports players is stem cell therapy. Here we have discussed what stem cells are, how they are gathered, how they are administered, and the benefits you are likely to experience: 

Are stem cells natural?

Stem cells are naturally occurring properties that exist in the human body already. Many patients appeal to stem cells because they are gathered from their very own system. The process of collecting stem cells is often referred to as “harvesting”, where cells are obtained from the patient’s bone marrow, blood, or fat stores.

Stem cells are not like other cells. When stem cells are placed into a certain environment, they can change to meet the desired need. Stem cells are able to divide and duplicate and can transform based on the type of cell needed. For instance, stem cells that are injected into an injured knee can alter themselves into a knee cell which directly benefits that area. 

How are stem cells applied to the injured site?

Doctors may use stem cells to aid the healing of various sports injuries, such as damage to cartilage, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. These injuries may be the result of a singular traumatic event or chronic overuse. Your Maryland sports injury doctor in Rockville may administer the stem cells through one of these approaches: 

  • Injection: a doctor can inject stem cells into the affected area using a local anesthetic (numbing solution) and sterile needle.
  • Direct Surgical: the stem cells can be given during surgery while a bone, ligament, or tendon is being repaired.
  • Stem-Cell Sutures: when an injured area is being surgically worked on, the doctor may use sutures (thread-like material) that are coated with stem cells. As the suture dissolves, the stem cells are absorbed by the body.

What are the benefits of stem cells?

With stem cell treatment, many patients find that they have a faster and more effective recovery. Most sports players want to get back into action as quickly as possible, and stem cells may be the road to achieving exactly that. Patients are also likely to experience other benefits:

  • Injured tissue regeneration
  • Reduction of inflammation
  • Replacement of scar tissue with healthy tissue
  • Helps avoid future injury
  • Decreased overall pain

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