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If you are having issues every night with heavy snoring, there is a strong possibility that you are suffering from some type of sleeping disorder. While there are many types of sleeping disorders, a lot of them are connected to issues with the upper cervical spine. This is why many people who suffer from chronic snoring find relief from chiropractors who offer snoring therapy in Rockville, Maryland. Call Pain Arthritis Relief Center for details. In the meantime, read the following for a brief overview.

Sleep Disorders

As mentioned above, there is a multitude of sleep disorders that people suffer from, but the following are some of the most common:

  •       Insomnia: There are a wide variety of the types of insomnia a person can suffer from. Some people have a hard time falling asleep, while others have a hard time staying asleep. No matter how insomnia may affect you, the end result is feeling chronic fatigue every day.
  •       Hypersomnia: This condition is the opposite of insomnia where the person falls into a sleep that is so deep, they have a hard time waking up. A person may also sleep much longer than people normally do.
  •       Narcolepsy: This condition causes a person to deal with excessive sleep multiple times during the day where they just fall sleep anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.
  •       Sleep apnea: This condition causes a person to wake up frequently during the night because they are unable to breathe. The inability to breathe is caused by a blockage in the airways created when the person lies down.

Rockville MD Snoring Therapy

One often overlooked issue for sleep disorders and snoring issues involves the brainstem and the cervical spine.

The brainstem is where all most of the body’s involuntary functions emanate from, including breathing and sleeping. If there is an issue with the brainstem, it can contribute to the development of sleep apnea. The brainstem also controls the initiation of the sleep process. When we get ready to sleep, it involves more than just closing our eyes. The brainstem sends out signals that slows our breathing, lowers our blood pressure, lowers blood sugar levels, and releases hormones that cause the body to go to sleep. It also releases other hormones when it is time to wake up. If there are issues with the brainstem, this can interfere with the body’s ability to fall asleep.

But a chiropractor has the treatments that can provide sleep disorder and snoring therapy in Rockville MD. An issue with the cervical spine can affect the brainstem function. The first vertebrae located in the cervical spine protects the brainstem. If there is a misalignment of the cervical spine, it can actually interfere with the brainstem and the job it has to do, leading to sleep disorders. Even a minor misalignment can cause irritations and compressions to the nerves in the area, wreaking havoc in the signals the brain is trying to send out to the body. Putting the spine back in place can help reduce and eliminate these sleeping orders, allowing for restful and peaceful sleep every night.

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