Are You Looking to Sleep Peacefully Again?

Finally, there is a NEW revolutationary solution to fix Sleep Apnea without a CPAP Machine!

Is Sleep Apnea Causing You to Suffer From?

Daytime Drowsiness?


Lack of Energy or Motivation?




Difficulty Concentrating?

You Can Finally Sleep Comfortably and Wake Up Rested with This Revolutionary NON CPAP Solution to Sleep Apnea!
Our Solution

We use a noninvasive sleep apnea appliance to treat your sleep problems, without sacrificing your comfort. If you have mild to moderate sleep apnea and have been struggling to get comfortable while using your CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) device, or you’ve been struggling with loud snoring and feelings of unrest during the day, you are an excellent candidate for our oral appliance.

How It Works

The sleep apnea oral appliance is a fitted, retainer-like product that you wear while sleeping to help you breathe normally. This allows for snore-free, uninterrupted sleep so you can wake up feeling rested in the morning.
There are several different types of dental appliances available, and our evaluation will determine which best suits your needs. Unlike the CPAP, an oral appliance is comfortable, easy to travel with, needs no electric connection, and doesn’t affect your active lifestyle. It’s a noninvasive, drug-free, and nonsurgical way to finally treat your sleep problems.

Do You Know Deep Sleep Is Key to Better Health?

Are You Getting an Average of 6-8 Hours of Sleep Per Night?

Are You Aware that Sleep Apnea Can Lead to Heart Disease, Strokes, Obesity and More?

See What Some of Our Patients Have to Say

Love Dr. Paris and company. The staff is extremely friendly and everyone is so caring. They truly are a step above.

-Natalia G.

See What Some of Our Patients Have to Say

Dr. Paris is a colleague and a health care provider who is extremely knowledgeable and works well with his patients. He provides cutting edge treatment modalities and services regardless of your problem. I frequently refer my patients to see him for multiple issues and I have received nothing but outstanding feedback. Not only are we colleagues but I am also a patient of his.

-Dan R.

See What Some of Our Patients Have to Say

Dr. Paris and the whole team at Pain Arthritis Relief Center have helped me and my entire family for years. The team is incredibly knowledgeable and always on top of the latest treatments available. I will never go anywhere else after finding 100% success with Dr. Paris and his team.

-Allison L.

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