Sleep Apnea Treatment Potomac MD Sleep Apnea Treatment Potomac MD

When a person seeks sleep apnea treatment in Potomac, Maryland, one of the most common types of treatment is a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Device (CPAP). Many people find these machines to be uncomfortable and inconvenient. Patients must wear the device every night, so if the patient is going away for the night or on vacation, they must bring the device with them.

In addition, the machine itself can be cumbersome, requiring constant cleaning of the device and all its parts. And some of these parts – the mouthpiece and tubing – need to be replaced frequently and are expensive to replace. And while they help reduce loud snoring, the machines themselves are very loud and that can cause interruptions in the sleep of the patient and their family, the very thing they are supposed to help stop.

Although CPAP machines do provide effective treatment for sleep apnea, they do not address or treat the underlying cause of the condition. Many cases of sleep apnea are caused by physical issues the patient may not be aware of, including cervical subluxations and spinal misalignment. A chiropractor in Potomac MD can provide effective sleep apnea treatments that will take care of those issues and stop the chronic snoring.

If a person’s spine is not aligned, their central nervous system is unable to send signals to the body. If they have serious subluxations, these can restrict their airways enough that it causes the obstruction that interferes with their breathing when they are sleeping. But the good news is that a chiropractor offers treatments that can take care of these issues and the sleep apnea issues they cause.

When a chiropractor provides sleep apnea treatment in Potomac MD, they target spinal misalignments and subluxations through adjustments. There are many reasons why these issues occur, including poor posture, injury, or even a sedentary lifestyle. This misalignment can cause the discs in between the vertebrae to become damaged. Correcting these issues allows the central nervous system to begin functioning the way it is meant to. For sleep apnea patients, this means healthy sleep patterns again.

Where CPAP treatments only provide a temporary solution to a health problem, a chiropractor in Potomac MD provides sleep apnea treatment that addresses the cause of the sleep apnea and not just the symptoms.

When a chiropractor is treating a patient for sleep apnea, they will not only develop a plan of adjustments, they will also examine the patient’s lifestyle to see if there are any changes that may help. Changes in eating habits, smoking, alcohol intake, and even sleep positions can provide additional relief to chronic snoring and sleep apnea.

If you or your loved one suffer from chronic snoring and the inability to get a good night’s sleep, contact Pain Arthritis Relief Center to discuss sleep apnea treatment Potomac MD families recommend that we offer and how our chiropractic team can help.