Sleep Apnea Management Potomac MD

Sleep Apnea Management Potomac MD 


It is no secret that Americans do not get enough sleep. Health experts recommend that we should get a solid six to eight hours of sleep every night in order to enable our bodies to recover and recharge. But many people suffer from issues that result in frequently waking up throughout the night, which means their brains and body never reach the deep REM sleep that is required for healing. One of the most common reasons that prevent this type of deep sleep is sleep apnea. If you are suffering from lack of sleep, contact Pain Arthritis Relief Center to discuss sleep apnea management in Potomac, Maryland.

A Chiropractor May Be Able to Help You Sleep

Chiropractors can play a key role in helping patients gain that ability for a good night’s sleep. For example, if a patient’s neck is misaligned with the spine, this can cause the masseter muscles and jaw joint to tighten up. This can cause the airway to close when the person lays down. Blocking the airway results in the patient’s snoring, oxygen decrease, and the inability to reach REM sleep. Having the neck aligned means the patient will make sure they will receive the correct amount of oxygen while they are sleeping, eliminating tossing, turning, and waking up multiple times through the night. Having regular chiropractic treatments can provide sleep apnea management in Potomac MD and in some cases, may help decrease the patient’s odds of even developing the condition.

There are other ways a chiropractor can provide a patient with Potomac MD sleep apnea management. Cortisol – a stress hormone the body produces – causes our bodies to become wired, similar to drinking too much coffee or other caffeine drinks. Our body produces cortisol when we are stressed. Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid stress, even day to day stress that comes from family, work, or financial issues triggers cortisol production. But the more cortisol that enters our bloodstream means the harder it is to fall asleep and/or stay asleep. This is why many people have a hard time falling asleep at night, especially if they have had a bad day.

However, going to a chiropractor for regular adjustments can help keep cortisol levels down. Each adjustment results in a decrease in the amount of cortisol the body makes.

Sleep is critical to staying healthy – both physically and emotionally. When the body does not get the rest and sleep it needs, we are more prone to getting sick and developing health problems. Being fatigued all the time can also do a number on a person emotionally. Not getting enough sleep can also make a person more at risk for accidents and injury. Consider all increase in fatigued driving car accidents that have occurred over the past several years.

If you suffer from sleep apnea, the team at Pain Arthritis Relief Center can help. Call our office today to schedule a consultation to learn about our sleep apnea management Potomac MD patients recommend today.