Rockville MD Knee Doctor

When knee pain occurs, it can be difficult to know whether or not to seek the assistance of a Rockville MD knee doctor. Many people will experience some sort of knee pain from time to time. Often, it goes away and causes no further trouble. However, overuse, strain, injury, or obesity could lead to more serious knee pain, which might need to be assessed by a Rockville knee doctor.

The Pain Arthritis Relief Center Center for Knee Pain

The Pain Arthritis Relief Center offers FDA-approved treatment that is non-invasive and can help to alleviate stiffness, pain, and mobility issues. To better understand knee pain and the symptoms which could indicate a need for a knee doctor in Rockville MD, consider the following warning signs:

  1. Pain that lingers for more than 48 hours

If you’re feeling deep pain within the knee joint for more than 2 days, you should get checked out by a Rockville MD knee doctor. When this occurs there is very little chance of a muscular injury or strain because the knee joint has no muscle coverage. Pain deep within the joint could mean an injured meniscus. If addressed promptly, treatment may include injections, physical therapy, and rest.

  1. Persistent swelling that lasts more than 48 hours

In the case of an acute knee injury, swelling or internal bleeding can occur and lead to pain and loss of motion. Swelling may or may not be noticeable and last for several days. If the symptoms do not decrease after the first 48 hours, or worsen, it’s advisable to see what a Rockville MD knee doctor has to say.

  1. Limited or total loss of movement in the knee

If you’re experiencing a reduction in your range of movement, severe internal swelling could be the problem. Anything that lasts more than a day might suggest an injury, which should be addressed by a medical doctor.

  1. Feeling instability in the knee

If you feel like your knee is going to give out or collapse beneath you, this could be a sign of a ligament injury. Knee ligaments play a crucial role in supporting your body’s weight as well as offering stability to the knee joint. Overstretching or over-exercising are the most common reasons for a ligament injury. If you’re unable to put your full weight on the leg, you may have an injury that requires the observation of a Rockville MD knee doctor.

  1. Deformed or misshapen knee joint

If, at any time, one knee joint looks different compared to the other knee, you should see a doctor immediately. Deformed or misshapen knee joints could be a sign of a fracture or dislocation. These vary in the degree of severity, but often require a personalized treatment program.

Find the Right Doctor for Your Knee Pain

If you’re experiencing any of these knee pain signs, or other lasting symptoms which are not listed, you may want to consider speaking with one of the doctors from the Pain Arthritis Relief Center. With a complete evaluation, we may let you know what’s wrong and provide you with the necessary treatment options. To speak with a Rockville MD knee doctor now, please call (301) 710 – 9777.