PT Treatment Rockville, Maryland PT Treatment Rockville, Maryland

Physical therapy, or PT, can help people of every age who suffer from a broad range of medical illnesses or injuries that hinder their ability to move and function. PT treatment in Rockville, Maryland may be able to help you return to your prior level of functioning. The sessions, along with the encouragement of your therapist, may help you to make lifestyle changes that prevent further injuries while improving your overall health. In general, your primary care physician will recommend you to have PT; however, this is not always necessary. If you believe you can benefit from seeing a physical therapist in Rockville, Maryland, you are invited to call the Pain Arthritis Relief Center

Benefits of Physical Therapy

Reduce or Alleviate Pain – Therapeutic exercises, and techniques like joint mobilization or electrical stimulation, can relieve pain, restore functioning, and prevent pain from reoccurring. 

Avoid Surgery – In many cases, physical therapy treatment can heal an injury, so much so, that surgery is not necessary. Even if your doctor believes you will still need an operation, you may benefit from pre and post surgery. By having physical therapy in Rockville, Maryland before your surgery, you may go into the procedure stronger, healthier, and in better shape. This can result in a faster recovery time. If you are able to avoid surgery, the costs of your treatment are overall reduced.

Your Mobility is Improved – If you are struggling to walk, move, or stand, PT treatment in Rockville, Maryland can help. In the sessions your therapist will help you to stretch and strengthen your body. This results in a significant improvement in mobility. You might also be recommended to be fitted with an assistive device or assess for orthotic prescription. Rest assured your care plan will be customized to meet your needs, while ensuring maximum performance and safety. 

Stroke Recovery – Following a stroke, most people will lose a certain degree of motor functioning. Physical therapy is one of the best treatments following a stroke. The sessions can strengthen weakened parts of the body and improve balance. Your therapist can also help you to become more independent around the home; thus, reduce the need for home care. 

Sports Injury Recovery – Sports greatly increase the risk of injuries, such as stress fractures and torn muscles. A special recovery or prevention PT program can be designed for you. This may help you to safely return to your sport, or assist in preventing injuries from happening.  

Improving Your Balance – When you first begin your PT treatment Rockville Maryland therapists will assess your risk of a fall. If you are at a high risk for a fall, the therapist will guide you through exercises that carefully challenge your balance. You will also learn how to improve your coordination, and in some cases be provided with an assistive device. If the balance and coordination issue is a result of vestibular system conditions, specific moves can be performed that quickly restores proper functioning. 

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