PRP Rockville

PRP RockvilleIf you suffer chronic pain caused by an injury or medical condition, you may benefit from platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP) to help heal and alleviate that pain. PRP therapy uses the patient’s own blood to promote natural healing. Platelets are cells contained in our blood which provide clotting and promotes healing. In fact, when we injure a part of our body, platelets are immediately dispatched to the injury to begin the repair process. Platelets also attract stem cells to the injury.

At Pain Arthritis Relief Center, we offer platelet rich plasma therapy to our Rockville patients and have had much success in helping our patients obtain a pain-free life again. Platelets are injected into the injured area and this helps accelerate the healing process, eventually eliminating the pain. In many cases, PRP therapy can help the patient avoid surgery, such as spinal fusion procedures or joint replacements. For conditions, such as mild arthritis, platelet rich plasma therapy can help prevent further degeneration and more pain.

Where Do the Platelets Used in Treatments Come From?

All of the platelets used in PRP therapy come directly from the patient. Blood is drawn from the patient, just like a regular blood test. The blood is then put into a centrifuge, which spins the blood at such high speeds which separates red blood cells and concentrated platelets. The red blood cells are not used in the therapy and are discarded. The remaining plasma, which contains the concentrated platelets is then injected into the injured area.

The whole process, including the creation of the PRP and the injections, takes approximately an hour. Depending on where the injured area is, an x-ray or ultrasound may be used to ensure that there is a proper and safe placement of the platelet rich plasma. The number of injections a patient needs is dependent on the patient’s condition and extent of injury, but treatments usually are two to six injections, which are spread out over a certain period of time. Many patients experience immediate relief from pain with the first or second treatment.

In most cases, injections are not painful, but there may be some discomfort depending on what part of the body is being injected. There may also be some discomfort following the therapy procedure, but this typically only lasts for a day or two and relief can be had with over-the-counter pain relievers. It is critical, however, that patients avoid taking any time of anti-inflammatory medication because these can hinder the healing process.

How Long Before I Will See a Difference?

In many cases, depending on the extent of the injury and where it is located, most patients typically begin seeing signs of improvement, including increased function of the area and a reduction of pain, within four to six weeks, as long as the patient avoids a lot of physical activity or stress on the injured area.

To find out whether or not PRP Rockville patients trust is an option for the type of injury and pain you are suffering with, call Pain Arthritis Relief Center today for a free consultation.