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FAQ: Chiropractic Care

PRP North BethesdaChiropractic care has been around for a number of years, however, more recently platelet-rich plasma therapy has been introduced as a complimentary service for those who suffer from pain. This new phenomena has recently gained popularity after quickly making its’ way through the ranks of famous athletes like Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant. As a result, some chiropractic practices have incorporated PRP therapy into their offices, providing patients with a number of options when it comes to injury repair and pain management. Here are some commonly asked questions surrounding these two ways for managing injuries and ailments:

What is Platelet  Rich Plasma Therapy?

During PRP therapy, platelet rich plasma is extracted from your body and injected into the affected area of the body. The PRP process involves taking your blood and running it through a machine called a centrifuge. During this process, your red blood cells are separated from the platelets. The platelets are then utilized for treatment. PRP can be used to treat:

  • Back pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Arthritis
  • Tendonitis
  • Knee problems
  • Torn ligaments
  • Hip issues

PRP is an attractive process because it can provide a non-surgical alternative to more invasive treatments. Rather than spending months in recovery, some patients see a significant difference over the course of just a few weeks. This is a primary reason athletes are so drawn to PRP treatments. PRP gives them the opportunity to recover from an injury without having to endure the same lengthy recovery period than a surgery may require.

How long does PRP treatment take?

With PRP’s growing popularity, some chiropractors have begun to offer this form of treatment in their offices. PRP is a relatively quick and simple procedure that can take place within a North Bethesda area chiropractic practice. Patients can expect a treatment to take about an hour from start to finish. Often, a person can return to their job following a procedure. There will be a period of time before you can resume some physical activity. In many cases, you may need to undergo physical therapy as well.

How will PRP compliment chiropractic care?

Chiropractors and PRP go hand in hand because they both offer natural alternatives to traditional medicine. Your chiropractor can holistically treat your pain or injuries through adjustments, physical therapy, massage, and platelet-rich plasma therapy. PRP and chiropractic care both offer methods towards repairing injuries and promoting healing within the body naturally.

Will my pain go away forever?

Whether your pain will go away forever, will vary depending on your specific problems. Some may experience relief from the pain they have been experiencing through strengthening their body with physical therapy and adjustments. Patients may be able to reduce the number of office visits over the course of time as pain becomes more manageable. For others who suffer chronic pain, chiropractic care may become a natural component to managing ailments.

Many who suffer pain believe that they will have to live with it forever. The reality is, through comprehensive care provided by a chiropractor, patients may finally be able to experience some relief. Contact the Pain Arthritis Relief Center today to see if PRP North Bethesda residents recommend may be able to offer is right for you.