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Going to a PRP Doctor for Shoulder Pain in Rockville, MD
Up to 10% of the U.S. population experiences shoulder pain. This pain can be moderate to severe and may include anything from a frozen shoulder or rotator cuff injuries to chronic pain and nerve damage. Shoulder pain can disrupt a person’s life, making it very difficult to get things done or enjoy hobbies. In fact, the pain can become so intense that the person has to go on work disability for an extended period of time.

Fortunately, there are various ways to address and treat shoulder pain. Methods of treatment vary and may include physical therapy, surgery, or medication. More and more, people are also getting alternative treatments, particularly PRP therapy.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy
Also known as PRP therapy, this treatment option is rapidly growing due to its ability to effectively reduce and alleviate shoulder pain. Many professional sports players such as Kobe Bryant and podcaster/martial artist Joe Rogan have undergone PRP treatment with great success.

What a PRP Doctor for Shoulder Pain Rockville, MD Offers Will Do
When a person has damaged their tissues, fresh blood delivered to the site of the trauma is important in order to promote healing. One component to blood, which is important for repairing the damaged tissue, is platelets. These are responsible for clotting blood, creating scabs, preventing blood loss, and releasing growth factors. Although all of the aforementioned are very beneficial, the latter is what can promote rapid recovery.

When you visit a PRP doctor for shoulder pain Rockville, MD patients will first have their blood drawn. After a centrifuge is used to concentrate the platelets within the blood; this is known as platelet-rich plasma. Once this process is complete, the plasma is re-injected into the patient at the site of the injury. Over time, but relatively quickly, the platelets around the injury become concentrated, thereby introducing an ample amount of growth factors that tell the body to speed up the healing and recovery time.

How Many PRP Sessions Are Necessary? Are There Risks?
In general, between 80-85% of PRP patients see positive results after seeking treatment from a PRP doctor for shoulder pain Rockville, MD can provide. Typically patients require between 2 and 5 sessions, but the average is 3 treatments. As with all medical treatments, there are a few small risks with PRP therapy. There might also be some mild discomfort resulting from the drawing of blood or the re-injection of the plasma. Your doctor can discuss the risks during a consultation.

Pain Arthritis Relief Center
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Get Help From Our PRP Doctor For Shoulder Pain Rockville, MD Offers!
Our PRP doctor for shoulder pain Rockville, MD offers from the Pain Arthritis Relief Center knows that when you are dealing with shoulder pain, it can completely ruin your activities, work, and hobbies. Because of how flexible your shoulder is, it is much more likely to get damaged than many other areas of your body. When people learn that they are dealing with damage in their shoulders, they may think that the best or only option is to undergo surgery. However, our Rockville, Maryland PRP doctor for shoulder pain believes that there are other options you should try before going under the knife. Surgery can be dangerous and it can mean you have a very long recovery time. Instead, call our office to see how PRP therapy may work for your shoulder pain. 

Are non-surgical options even effective?
A PRP doctor for shoulder pain Rockville, Maryland recommends has heard this question time and again. Many people believe that surgery is such an extreme that it must be most effective. However, it can also cause more damage and a longer recovery process. Instead of asking if non-surgical options are as effective, you should be asking if surgical options are as effective. Before you choose to undergo surgery for your shoulder pain, we encourage you to look at every non-surgical option available to you. 

How can PRP therapy help my shoulder pain?
When you undergo platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy for your shoulder, you are utilizing your body’s own healing properties to work in your favor. Instead of worrying about being under heavy doses of pain medication or recovering from serious surgery, PRP therapy is minimally invasive. With PRP therapy, your Rockville, MD PRP shoulder pain doctor will conduct this therapy in a few steps:

  • They will draw your blood.
  • Place it in a centrifuge.
  • Allow the centrifuge to separate the platelets needed for healing.
  • Inject the healing properties into the area of pain in your shoulder. 

How many times will I need to come in?
As noted above, there is not a specific number of times to come in for PRP therapy. However, our PRP shoulder pain doctor in Rockville, Maryland will work with you to create a schedule specific to your shoulder injury. 

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