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Many of our patients are just like you, struggling with pain until they decided to contact a skilled PRP doctor for knee pain Bethesda, MD residents trust. Here at the Pain Arthritis Relief Center, we believe that the body heals the body. We have successfully treated many patients who suffered with chronic pain with our innovative therapy treatments; we have had especially amazing results with our platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments. We would be happy to meet and discuss how one of our seasoned PRP doctor for knee pain Bethesda, MD patients depend on may be able to help you.

How Could a PRP Doctor for Knee Pain in Bethesda, MD Help?

If you suffer from knee pain from knee osteoarthritis, PRP treatment may bring you just the relief you are seeking. Knee osteoarthritis occurs when the protective cartilage that surrounds the knee joints wears down. This cartilage erosion causes the bones to run against each other, as well as the inability of the joint fluid to offer any shock absorption. This is where the stiffness and pain begins.

Knee osteoarthritis can cause a great amount of pain. The more erosion and damage done to the knee joint, the more severe the pain becomes, as well as cause limited movement and activity. Compounding the problem can be growths that can form at the end of your bones, which causes the pain to worsen even more.

A PRP doctor for knee pain Bethesda, MD clients count on may be able to alleviate that pain with PRP treatments. In keeping with our “body heals the body” philosophy, your doctor will use your own blood to obtain the platelet-rich plasma. The area where the injection will be is numbed, so you should not feel any discomfort in the injection site.

The time to withdraw your blood, make the plasma, and inject into the damaged area typically takes no more than an hour. After the treatment, you will want to make sure you ice the area for twenty minutes at a time, every two to three hours, for the next couple of days after your treatment. You doctor will set a follow-up appointment within the next six to eight weeks to assess how effective your PRP treatment was.

The majority of treatments we offer here at the Pain Arthritis Relief Center are covered by health insurance and Medicare. Our office staff can sit down with you and go over what your health insurance benefits may be, as well as any financial obligations you may have for treatments. Working as your partner in your journey to health, we want to ensure that you have all the pertinent information necessary before treatments begin.

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