Prolotherapy Gaithersburg, MD

Prolotherapy Gaithersburg, MDProlotherapy is a complementary tumor for muscle and joint pain, which involves repeated injections of a solution into part of the joint, the joint interior or the supporting tendon or ligament. A simple dextrose solution is believed to trigger the body’s healing response, and once activated the body will often start to strengthen or repair damaged ligaments or muscle in the joint. Over time, these strengthening ligaments are going to help stabilize the joint, and once the joint has support, the pain disappears. 

The injection has to be precisely over where there is joint pain, and prolotherapy requires multiple shots at the site of the injury or weakened area to be effective. Sometimes there are 4-15 shots a session, and patients should expect multiple sessions to occur over the course of 3 to 6 months. 

Prior to receiving prolotherapy, a doctor will assess your joint or back pain to work out if you’re a good candidate for this therapy. Not all people are going to be a suitable candidate, so the doctor may suggest other alternatives that will give you better relief. If you are taking anti-inflammatory medication, you have to stop taking it three days prior to the procedure, and continuing to take said medication may stop the treatment from being effective. 

The Pain Arthritis Relief Center understands 65 million people suffer from back pain, and 47% of all American chronic pain. They know they can help. Prolotherapy is a permanent, all-natural solution that, if effective, provides permanent pain relief to people with joint pain or back pain.

The Pain Arthritis Relief Center is going to work with you in a treatment that is covered by your health insurance or your Medicare. They don’t want to stress you out by giving you a financial burden that you cannot afford. Even if the treatment is going to help your pain, distress is only going to make it worse in the long run. So Pain Arthritis Relief Center ensures that they understand what your insurance will cover, so that you are always informed on the cost of your treatments. 

So if you find yourself with any of the following conditions, reach out to the Pain Arthritis Relief Center today. 

  • Lower back pain
  • Muscle spasms
  • Muscle strains
  • Bulging lumbar discs
  • Slipped discs
  • Shooting hip pain
  • Shooting thigh pain
  • Numbness in your legs
  • Soreness in your legs
  • Neuropathy in your limbs

The Pain Arthritis Relief Center believes that you deserve to live pain free, and prolotherapy may be able to help with some of your pain.

The Pain Arthritis Relief Center believes in a back pain solution that is drug free and surgery free. Surgery and drugs give your body more undue stress that, when it is possible, should be avoided by all costs. Prolotherapy is not going to use any active drugs or require any surgery. 

So reach out today to discuss prolotherapy in Gaitherburg, MDwith your Pain Arthritis Relief Center physician today, and let them tell you all about the amazing benefits.