Prolotherapy Bethesda, MD

Prolotherapy in Bethesda, MD is a treatment designed to relieve joint pain. It can alleviate pain in many areas, including the hips, shoulders and knees. If you suffer from joint pain, you may have considered undergoing this treatment. However, you might have heard some misinformation about it that is making you reluctant to make an appointment. Here are some common myths about prolotherapy you should not believe.

Prolotherapy Has Many Risks

Before you undergo any medical procedure, it is wise to learn about all the risks. One thing many people get wrong about prolotherapy is that it is a very risky procedure. The truth is, however, that it is low-risk, especially compared to surgery. Very few people experience serious side effects from this treatment. You might experience some soreness at the injection site, but it should go away in a few days.

Prolotherapy Is too Painful

Some people are reluctant to get prolotherapy because they assume it will be very painful. Although you may experience soreness near the injection site for a few days, the pain should not be unbearable. 

It Takes too Long to Notice Results

Although the results are not instant, many people notice a difference in their joint pain a few weeks after prolotherapy. If you are patient and trust the process, you should see results and feel better.

What to Expect During a Prolotherapy Session

If you are getting prolotherapy in Bethesda, MD soon, it is important to know what to expect. First, your doctor will sterilize the area and administer an anesthetic. Then, he or she inject the solution into the treatment area through a needle. The number of injections you receive will depend on the joint that’s affected.

After the procedure, you can expect the injection site to feel sore for several days. Avoid using pain medications as they can prevent the therapy from working. Instead, try icing the area.

Benefits of Prolotherapy

Prolotherapy comes with several benefits. The most important benefit is reduced pain. After getting these injections, your joints will feel much better and you’ll be able to engage in more activities.

Another benefit of prolotherapy is that it is not invasive. Instead of going under the knife, the therapy relies on the body repairing itself to alleviate pain. 

If you have joint pain, consider scheduling an appointment for prolotherapy in Bethesda, MD soon.