Physical Therapy Rockville

Physical Therapist Rockville MDIf you have medical conditions, illnesses, or injuries which limit your ability to move or function,  top physical therapy Rockville MD offers may be highly beneficial to you. An individualized physical therapy program can help to restore functioning and encourage healthy lifestyle changes to enhance recovery and prevent further injury.

The Benefits of Physical Therapy in Rockville MD

The Pain and Arthritis Relief Center has a team of medical doctors who may be able to assess your own history of injury or illness to determine whether or not physical therapy will be an appropriate treatment option. If so, you may benefit from any of the following:

Reduce or Eliminate Pain

In the case of physical therapy, Rockville MD residents may partake in therapeutic exercises and manual techniques such as soft tissue mobilization or tapping to relieve pain and restore function in and around the affected joint or muscle. Through concurrent sessions, the initial pain may be prevented from returning.

You May Avoid Invasive Surgical Procedures

When you begin physical therapy in Rockville MD, you may significantly decrease your chances of requiring costly, invasive surgery. Likewise, should surgery be required to fully heal, physical therapy can prepare you physically and mentally; thereby, speeding up the overall recovery process.

Your Mobility May Improve

Through stretching and strengthening exercises, Rockville MD physical therapy can assist in your ability to stand, walk, or move. Therapists are also trained to properly fit individuals with assistive devices such as canes or crutches in addition to prescribing orthotic support items.  Physical therapy may also show you various exercises (or things to avoid) which can be put into practice at home, or whenever you’re not engaged in a session.

Improve Your Balance

When you begin physical therapy, Rockville MD patients may be screened for balancing ability and fall risk. If it is believed you are at risk for falling, therapists may provide extra exercises and support to safely challenge your balance while improving your coordination. It’s important to note that physical therapy is not limited to the physically inability to maintain a steady balance. Sessions can also restore proper vestibular functioning; thereby, reduce and eliminate symptoms of dizziness or vertigo.

Manage Age-Related Issues

With age may come a variety of issues including arthritis, osteoporosis, or the need for a joint replacement. Physical therapy can help patients to recover from a joint replacement surgery or manage arthritic or osteoporotic conditions. It may also assist in recovering from a stroke, diabetes, or heart disease.

The Pain and Arthritis Relief Center: Physical Therapy Rockville MD

The benefits of physical therapy far exceed what is listed here. No matter how old you are or what ailment you’re suffering from, physical therapy may be able to aid in restoring your health and bettering your wellbeing.  If you would like to know more about physical therapy Rockville MD residents can partake in, please contact The Pain and Arthritis Relief Center at 301- 710 – 9777.