Physical Therapist Rockville, MD

Physical Therapist Rockville, MD- therapist stretching womans backAt the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center, a physical therapist in Rockville, MD is familiar with handling cases related to knee problems. As the body moves and gets older, there are what seems like limitless ways for it to sustain injury. If you are considering seeing a physical therapist for knee-related pain, or other musculoskeletal issue, then don’t hesitate to reach out to our clinic today. 

What will the physical therapist examine?

The actual examination by the physical therapist may vary slightly depending on the area that is injured or in need of attention. But most often, it will start by assessing your range of movement and discussing the problems you are having. A physical examination will entail a review of the area of pain itself, in addition to the hip, thigh, foot, lower back, and ankle. 

During this examination your physical therapist is going to watch how you walk, sit down, and balance. Tests such as these will help your physical therapist identify the strength and movement of the knee, and how it may have impacted other regions of your body. It will be important to discuss with your Rockville, MD physical therapist if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Limited range of motion in your knee
  • Reduced flexibility of the knee, hip, or ankles
  • Difficulty standing or performing activities such as getting up from a seated position or walking up/downstairs
  • Issues with coordination or balance
  • Difficulty controlling the knee

How is knee joint pain diagnosed?

A physical therapist will evaluate the knee, with the goal to assess the condition and determine potential causes of pain. They may ask you questions about your current concerns and past medical history. Information related to how the injury occurred, previous injuries, current symptoms, and location of pain are all important details to share with your physical therapist.  

Are there any activities that tend to aggravate your symptoms more or less? Some people have difficulty with their knees while at work, shopping, exercising, etc. Patients who are more active tend to have symptoms during higher activity, such as participating in sports or running. Sadly, knee pain causes many people to stop doing the hobbies that they enjoy. Don’t let that happen to you. Contact the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center so that a physical therapist in Rockville, Maryland can give you the help you need!