When you are dealing with physical pain in your life, you may be looking for pain management North Potomac, MD residents recommend. Your body relies on your spine to function correctly and when it doesn’t, it could be causing problems in other areas of your body that seem unrelated. However, your spine is essentially your body’s foundation for communication. When it does not work correctly, the rest of your body may not be getting the signals they need and you may have pain. For example, knee and hip pain may be more than an injury to these areas. Instead, it is possible your spine is misaligned and causing pain to radiate into these lower areas. If you would like to learn more about pain management and how our office can help you, call us to set up your appointment. 

What if my pain is not musculoskeletal?

Just because the pain you are experiencing is not musculoskeletal does not mean a pain management doctor cannot help. In fact, many problems can still have symptoms that pain management can help treat. Many diseases or injuries cause nerves to function incorrectly in other areas of the body and bringing your spine and other areas of your body into proper alignment can help your nerves begin functioning correctly again. 

My pain is chronic and I’m not sure how it even started. Can you still help?

Our North Potomac, Maryland pain management doctor understands that when you have been experiencing chronic pain it can be particularly stressful because you may not be sure of where it originated from. When this is the case, our doctors can give you a thorough examination by taking a medical history and x-rays to determine where the site of pain is coming from. This can help us give you a treatment specialized for you. 

Is this better than taking medication?

We understand that medication can seem like the best option. When you are in pain you just want it to go away. However, we believe in holistic treatments that find the source of what is causing you pain. When we do this, it will not only help your symptoms but it can help get rid of what is causing those symptoms. Medication only masks the problem. 

If you are interested in seeing how our Potomac, Maryland pain management doctor can help you, give our office a call.