Pain Management in Gaithersburg, MD

Pain Management in Gaithersburg, MDAt the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center, we understand that being hit by a car while riding a bike can cause severe harm to the human body, and pain management in Gaithersburg, MD may be needed for recovery. Even if the bicyclist was wearing a helmet, they still could sustain traumatic injuries that require long-term treatment. Broken bones, lacerations, brain injury, extremity damage, soft tissue damage, and whiplash are common.

Statistically, over half a million emergency visits to the United States are bicycle-related. After getting treatment for life-threatening injuries, victims are encouraged to visit their local chiropractic office for an examination.

Along with your primary physician, seeing a chiropractor from the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center for Gaithersburg, MD pain management is an important step in recovering from a bicycle accident. 

Effects of Whiplash

Victims of personal injury accidents, such as bike accidents, often have to deal with chronic musculoskeletal issues as a consequence of the incident. However, if chiropractic care is sought early on, it can help treat whiplash while preventing complications. Whiplash can cause the back and neck to get stiff, sore, and have restricted motion.

Your chiropractor can create a treatment plan for pain management in MD that addresses your current injury as well as reducing the chances of complex problems developing in the future. However, time is of the essence when it comes to healing from the impacts of a bike accident. We urge you to contact our clinic today. 

Drug-Free and Non-Invasive

Many people are drawn to chiropractics because they prefer a treatment option that doesn’t involve surgery or addictive prescription medication. Of course, medication can play a role in helping the injury initially, since the pain may be too much to bear. But after that, it is crucial that the root of the problem is corrected versus masking the symptoms temporarily. 

Bicycle accident victims may have walked away with an injury so bad that their primary physician recommends surgery as the best way to amend the problem. But, it is possible that a chiropractor can yield the same results as if the patient had surgery, but without the invasiveness and challenging post-operative recovery. Many patients find that chiropractic care fixes a back or neck issue through Gaithersburg, MD pain management strategies, without the need for surgery after all. 

Chiropractic Adjustments

Before trying chiropractic care, many people are concerned about whether it’s going to cause them additional pain. Rest assured, chiropractic adjustments from the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center are relatively gentle on the body, despite the aggressive twists and turns you may have seen others post online. We encourage you to speak with our chiropractors about their approach to adjustments, and whether they use their hands or a small instrument to correct joint and spinal misalignments. 

During an adjustment, your chiropractor will apply precise jolts of pressure to certain areas of your body. You may hear cracking or popping sounds, which are very normal and not cause for concern. In actuality, many patients feel immense relief after hearing cracking sounds, because that is air being released from between joints which has built up overtime or due to the injury itself. 

If you were recently in a bike accident and are wondering whether it’s right for you, don’t hesitate to contact the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center about a free exam and treatment options for MD pain management in Gaithersburg!