Ozone Therapy Chevy Chase MD

Ozone Therapy Chevy Chase MDWhether you are experiencing pain, chronic illness or some other ailment, ozone therapy located in Chevy Chase MD may be able to provide you with treatments that assist in the healing process. We realize that many clients seeking treatment from Pain Arthritis Relief Center know very little about ozone therapy that Chevy Chase MD residents rely on. Here are the answers to a number of questions prospective patients have of ozone therapy, the benefits, and the process: 

What is ozone therapy?

Ozone therapy is an alternative form of medicine that improves the body’s intake of oxygen. Ozone therapy provides patients with a number of benefits by improving the body’s immune system which in turn, assists in the healing process. When this occurs, ozone therapy in Chevy Chase MD can assist in combating unhealthy bacteria. Because of this, ozone therapy has the ability to stop the spread of infection. There are three ways that ozone therapy may be administered: 

  1. Application to the affected area: In the event that a patient is in need of treatment directly to the site, the gas is administered directly to the affected area. This may be a beneficial way of administering Chevy Chase MD ozone therapy to situations where there is a wound in need of treatment. 
  2. Intramuscular Injection: is a minimally invasive technique designed to assist with muscular pain. For this treatment, water and blood is mixed with ozone prior to administering treatment. This can be a beneficial method for administering ozone therapy to patients suffering from muscular pain such as low back pain. 
  3. Intravenous Injection: This form of treatment is largely controversial because it can come with negative and dangerous side effects. Blood is removed from the body, mixed with ozone, and intravenously administered to the patient.  

What are the benefits of ozone therapy?

Chevy Chase MD ozone therapy can provide patients with a number of benefits. For those suffering from chronic pain and muscular issues, patients may have the ability to experience the benefits provided through this form of treatment, including:

  • Help to strengthen the immune system
  • Activate the immune system
  • Increase the flow of oxygen to the body
  • Improve circulation
  • Stop illness or disease from spreading
  • Better pain management

Are there negative side effects associated with ozone therapy?

While there can be negative side effects associated with ozone therapy, working with an experienced practitioner with proper training can mitigate the risk of side effects. Common negative side effects to discuss with your Chevy Chase MD ozone therapy practitioner include temporary flu like symptoms, accidental inhalation which may result in coughing, burning of the eyes, and headache, mild cramping and discomfort. 

How is candidacy for ozone therapy determined?

For prospective candidates interested in learning more about ozone therapy in Chevy Chase MD, it’s important to meet with an experienced practitioner to discuss your specific situation. After learning more, we can fully determine whether you are a candidate for this form of treatment. Additionally, while ozone therapy treats a number of conditions, it’s important to learn specifically which conditions the professionals at Pain Arthritis Relief Center are able to treat. Generally, ozone therapy is not available to:

  • Children under the age of 18
  • Pregnant women
  • Patients with hyperthyroidism
  • Patients with a bleeding disorder

At Pain Arthritis Relief Center, we believe that every patient has a right to experience the benefits that our treatments can provide. We offer our patients with a comprehensive approach to treatments to encourage the body to heal naturally. To take control of your health, take advantage of our experienced and dedicated professionals at Pain Arthritis Relief Center. To learn more about Chevy Chase, Maryland ozone therapy, contact our office today.