Occupational Therapist Rockville

Occupational Therapist Rockville

Frequently Asked Questions About Occupational Therapy

If you have been prescribed occupational therapy you may have a lot of questions. So, to provide you with as much comprehensive information about this treatment as possible possible, we, the  Pain & Arthritis Relief Center,  have answered a list of frequently asked questions about occupational therapy.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with an occupational therapist, in Rockville, Maryland, call the  Pain & Arthritis Relief Center.

What Exactly Is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapists in Rockville are there to help individuals live a healthy and independent life. They work with those who are sick and disabled and help them regain occupational skills that they would need to use in everyday life. This includes everything and anything from eating with a utensil, brushing teeth, and writing with a pencil. Most occupational therapists focus on the upper extremities of the arms, hands, wrists, elbows, and shoulders. 

Will I Need an Evaluation Before Entering Therapy?

Most likely, yes. A Rockville occupational therapist will hold an evaluation of your fine motor, visual motor, sensory processing, handwriting and other daily life skills. Then they will be able to take what they found to create a customized therapy plan for you.

What Kind of Tasks Will I Be Able to Learn Again?

Your occupational therapist will be able to work on a wide array of skills with you. This includes:

  • Fine motor skills — the movement of the small muscles in your hands and fingers
  • Gross motor skills – the movement of larger muscles like arms, shoulders, and torso
  • Visual motor skills — how a person reacts when they are given visual clues
  • Oral motor skills — the movement of the muscles surrounding your mouth; like the lips, tongue, and jaw
  • Neuromotor skills — how the muscles work, including muscle strength and a person’s posture

However, occupational therapy isn’t just about performing a specific task, it is about improving your life for the better. Occupational therapists in Rockville are able to help a person socialize, prepare their meals, sleep better, manage their finances, and eat. 

How Is Occupational Therapy Different From Physical Therapy?

There are many misconceptions concerning physical therapy and occupational therapy. In short, occupational therapy focuses on improving a person’s ability to perform everyday functions, whereas your physical therapist Rockville, MD has to offer will help you to move your body correctly. For example, a good comparison would be that an occupational therapist in Rockville would help someone re-learn how to write their name, when a physical therapist would aid in the recovery of a broken knee.

How Long Will My Sessions Last?

Again, this differs on what exactly you are working on, as therapy changes from person to person. Your therapist will let you know what to expect as soon as you start with them, and each session there will be something new to work on. We also do recommend practicing what you learned at home between sessions to make your recovery faster. Remember, you will not be discharged from therapy until both you and your therapist believe you are completely recovered and comfortable.

Occupational therapy can help change your life for the better. If you have any questions about how a Rockville occupational therapist can help you, do not hesitate to contact our professionals today. We’re here to help!