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As an occupational therapist Gaithersburg, MD patients trust from the Pain & Arthritis Center may tell you, both occupational therapists and physical therapists work side-by-side, and can address conditions through a series of methods and tools. Based on the patient and what they are dealing with, an occupational therapist or physical therapist may be most suited to treat them. However, it isn’t uncommon for patients to be unable to spot the differences between these two professionals, as what they do is closely tied to one another. Both of these disciplines entail improving wellness, developing muscles and abilities, optimizing independence, and preventing physical function deterioration.

Here we discuss further the similarities and differences between an occupational therapist and physical therapist, along with how to know when it’s time to see one at the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center for help. 

The Differences

The main difference between occupational and physical therapy is that the latter focuses on motor function, while the former emphasizes how the patient utilizes their cognitive and fine motor skills to do tasks in their everyday lives. Professionals for physical therapy Gaithersburg, MD patients trust are trained in body mechanics and how our systems are influenced by motion, exercise, and position. If you need help with a condition that impacts your balance, range of motion, or strength when it comes to body movements, then you may benefit from seeing a physical therapist at the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center.

By contrast, an occupational therapist’s goal is to have the patient engage in tasks related to play, socializing, making at home, and self-care. Such professionals at our clinic have training across a broad scope of health concerns, and can evaluate your condition to see if occupational therapy is right for you. After an exam and inquiring about your medical history, one of our occupational therapists may be able to help you with things such as organization, memory, establishing and maintaining a routine, social skills, and more. 

The Similarities

Both physical therapists and occupational therapists can work with patients in settings including acute care, long-term care, schools, home health, and inpatient or outpatient. Additionally, both of these professionals are trained and qualified to perform work that is unique to each patient. For instance, an occupational therapist and physical therapist can work with children in school who have learning challenges, with veterans in hospitals who have serious bodily injuries, and with employees who have been injured while on the job. Of course, this is not the complete list, as these professional’s jobs and the environments they work in can vary greatly.

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