Numbness And Tingling In The Extremities Potomac, MD

Numbness-And-Tingling-In-The-Extremities-Potomac-MD-doc-checking-mans-legAt the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center, we take cases of numbness and tingling in the extremities in Potomac, MD very seriously. We know that this sensation can occur without meaning there is an issue. But for some, this can be a sign that there is a misalignment, illness, or injury within the body. 

Tingling in the extremities feels like this weird, prickly sensation. It can happen in the fingers, arms, hands, and feet. This sensation is called radiculopathy, and is a form of temporary parethesia. If it happens rarely it may not be a reason to get medical attention. But if the feeling arises regularly and is uncomfortable, then it may point to a serious issue that needs to be addressed promptly. 

The causes of radiculopathy can vary, but is usually the result of one of more of the following:

  • Sciatica
  • Herniated disc
  • Compressed nerve root
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Spinal tumors
  • Spinal arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Compressed fractures
  • Diabetes
  • Cauda equina syndrome
  • Bone spurs
  • Poor blood flow
  • Spinal stenosis

Risk factors for developing that prickly numbing sensation are poor posture, repetitive motions, family history of bone conditions, aging, overweight, and improper lifting techniques. These nerves extend from the spinal column to all areas of the body, so where the sensation occurs and in what intensity can vary from person to person. 

Your chiropractor for MD numbness and tingling in the extremities near Potomac can perform a physical examination and may recommend diagnostic testing such as x-ray, MRI, CT scan, EMG, and more. Through these diagnostics, your chiropractor can understand more how radiculopathy has impacted your body, and then create a comprehensive care plan that addresses your individual needs.

Prevention for that needly-numbness feeling includes maintaining a good posture, being physically active on a regular basis, building core strength, aiming for a healthy weight, and stretching more often. However, your chiropractor knows that for some patients, a medical condition or serious injury may be causing the prickly numbness sensation, and they can uncover the root cause of the problem. 

At our clinic, we know how worrisome symptoms of the body can be. Many people may wonder if this peculiar sensation will ever go away. If you suspect you may have radiculopathy or another musculoskeletal concern, don’t hesitate to contact us at the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center about treatment for Potomac, Maryland numbness and tingling in the extremities.