Numbness and Tingling Doctor Bethesda, MD

Numbness and Tingling Doctor Bethesda, MD

Understanding When It’s Time to Contact a Numbness and Tingling Doctor in Bethesda MD

Many people have experienced a sensation of numbness or tingling in some area of their body at some point in their life. It happens quite often when a person has kept their arm or leg in the same position for too long. For example, if you fall asleep on your arm you may wake up to an uncomfortable feeling of “pins and needles” in that area of your body. Typically, once the area regains healthy circulation, that sensation lessens and then goes away on its own. However, if you are experiencing these symptoms and any of the following is also true, it may be wise for you to contact our numbness and tingling doctor here in Bethesda MD at the Pain Arthritis Relief Center.

Talk to a numbness and tingling doctor if your symptoms

  •         Last a long time and do not dissipate after regaining normal circulation in the affected area
  •         Worsen over time
  •         Negatively impact the quality of your life
  •         Occur without warning and for no apparent reason
  •         Are overwhelming in their severity
  •         Developed immediately after sustaining an injury

Common Causes of Numbness and Tingling

It’s important to undergo an exam by a numbness and tingling doctor in Bethesda MD so that they can determine the cause of your condition. Once the cause is identified, your doctor can develop an effective treatment strategy for you. Here are some of the most common causes of numbness and tingling that a person might experience:

  •         Side effects from a medication. Chemotherapy drugs are one such possible example.
  •         Lead poisoning.
  •         A lack of vitamin B.
  •         Nerve damage due to aging, alcoholism, an injury, or by a health condition such as diabetes.
  •         Sciatica or a slipped disc.
  •         Migraines that occur on a regular basis.
  •         Spinal cord pressure which may be caused by arthritis or due to aging.
  •         One or more strokes.
  •         Multiple sclerosis.
  •         Shingles.

When to See a Numbness and Tingling Doctor in Bethesda MD

Anytime you have serious concerns about a possible health issue, it’s wise to seek expert medical advice from a doctor. If you are experiencing symptoms such as numbness and tingling, here are the signs that indicate you should consider contacting our doctor at the Pain Arthritis Relief Center in Bethesda MD:

  •         The numbness and tingling comes and goes rather than disappears after one instance.
  •         The symptoms gain in severity.
  •         Dizziness or muscle spasms accompany the symptoms.
  •         A rash has developed in the area you are experiencing numbing and tingling.
  •         When you walk, the numbing and tingling in your legs increases.
  •         You experience the symptoms on both of your arms or legs.
  •         You feel numbness in a specific area of your body such as your toes or fingers.

If you lose consciousness for any amount of time, you should call 911 without delay as it may be symptomatic of a life-threatening condition.

Contact our office in Bethesda MD to schedule an exam with a trusted numbness and tingling doctor from the Pain Arthritis Relief Center.