Neuropathy Treatment PG County MD

Neuropathy Treatment PG County MD- upset man sitting while holding headThe doctors at the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center for Neuropathy Treatment PG County, MD residents rely on have seen the way that neuropathy has adversely affected patients’ lives. Neuropathy is a condition that is caused by destroyed or damaged nerve cells. It may be associated with diabetes, autoimmune disease, infections, or hereditary factors. For most people, neuropathy starts with numbness or tingling in the extremities, like the fingers and toes. But as time continues, these symptoms may spread to other areas or worsen into sharp pain or prickly sensations. 

Neuropathy Diagnostics

Before self-diagnosing yourself with neuropathy, it’s important to get a professional examination by a reputable chiropractic doctor. When symptoms present themselves, it’s the body’s way of telling us something isn’t quite right. If we listen to our bodies and get help promptly, we can avoid the issue from turning into a chronic or exacerbated problem. Neuropathy may be diagnosed by using examinations such as the following:

  • Electromyography (EMG) to evaluate electrical impulses and muscle function.
  • Nerve Conduction Velocity Test (NCV) to determine how quickly nerve messages are transmitted between two points.
  • Autonomic Reflex Screening measures how the nervous system is working to manage heart rate, sweating, and blood pressure. 

Treatment Options

Because neuropathy can be related to other medical conditions, PG County Neuropathy Treatment in MD is tailored to address the underlying cause, which helps reduce the intensity and frequency of nerve pain. Neuropathy can be so painful that patients are unable to engage in hobbies they love and their mental health can take a toll as well. 

To treat nerve pain, alternative medicine such as chiropractic care can provide patients with the relief they are hoping for. Many people come to us at the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center after trying conventional methods that failed to work or have lasting results. 

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Don’t go another day dealing with neuropathic symptoms. Our team is compassionate and dedicated to the recovery of each patient we see. If you have questions about a possible nervous system or musculoskeletal problem, don’t hesitate to contact us now for assistance. A doctor from the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center for Neuropathy Treatment in PG County, Maryland is ready to speak with you.