Neu.Fit is one of the latest bodily rehabilitation services to reach the market. This new age and technologically advanced system has seen many patients reaching new levels of wellness that they previously didn’t believe possible. Areas of the body that have experienced pain or a lack of mobility can now have a much greater chance of reaching levels of comfort and mobility once again. The Pain Arthritis Relief Center is here to help guide you back to the mobility and comfort that you desire. Contact us today to get your rehabilitation program started with Neu.Fit. 

Neu.Fit Process

The process of helping clients reach new levels of wellness is conducted through a device called the ‘Neubie’. This device is used by physical therapists to pinpoint an area of pain and send electrical signals to that specific location. The device can also be used in areas that are experiencing limited mobility. More specifically, this device is used to teach the muscles to once again function as they once did before when they were more mobile, agile, and experiencing less pain. Our specialists are skilled in using this method and can build a plan for you to get you back to feeling great.

Benefits of Neu.Fit

The benefits of this Neu.Fit method combined with the Neubie machine are endless. Patients have seen dramatic rises in their levels of comfort in areas that used to nag at them causing discomfort and even pain. Areas of the body ranging from the feet to elbows to the back have all seen positive benefits. Our specialists will carefully map out the areas of your body causing pain and discomfort and use the Neubie device to send electrical signals to those areas. Contact us today to learn more about these methods and the benefits that our clients have obtained.

Examples of Areas That Can Be Rehabilitated

Numerous areas of the body have been rehabilitated by the methods and usefulness of Neu.Fit administered by our specialists at The Pain Arthritis Relief Center. Nagging issues like shin splints, strains of the hamstring, back and neck pain, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, torn muscles, and more are just some of the areas that clients have seen progress and a return to functionality and comfort. Speak with us today more in-depth about how we can help you out. There’s no reason to continue living in pain and having your muscles not work as they used to. Technology is out there that can help fix these things. Contact us today.

Contact Our Specialists Today

If you are dealing with decreased mobility of a certain part of your body or various areas, then contact us at The Pain Arthritis Relief Center to get your treatment plan started. With our experience, skills, and knowledge about Neu.Fit and other methods of rehabilitation we believe that we can help you return to the functionality and levels of comfort that you desire. Contact us today to learn more and to set up your wellness plan.