Neck Pain Doctor Bethesda MD

Neck Pain Doctor, Bethesda MDWhiplash is a common injury neck pain doctors in Bethesda MD see in patients who have recently experienced a car accident. The force of a collision can wreak havoc on the human body, and in many cases requires prompt medical intervention. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatments can help lessen pain and tension in car wreck victims with whiplash, by injecting a concentrated sample into the injured area. PRP treatments are considered an alternative and regenerative form of medicine, as substances found naturally within the body are used to promote healing. 

If you have been in a car accident and have significant neck pain due to whiplash, you may want to talk further with our Bethesda MD neck pain doctor at the Pain and Arthritis Relief Center for a consultation. 

Where the Platelets are Harvested From

Platelets are gathered from the patient’s own body. A Bethesda MD neck pain doctor will collect a blood sample from the patient and spins it in a centrifuge machine. The sample is spun for about 10-15 minutes and after that, platelet rich plasma is separated from the rest of the blood. Because the platelets are harvested from the patient’s system, there is little risk of the body rejecting the treatment. Many people appeal to the idea of treating their body with their own material. PRP can help boost the body’s healing mechanism in a more natural way. 

What Whiplash Feels Like

Our neck pain doctor in Bethesda MD has treated patients who are experiencing intense shoulder and neck pain from whiplash, including dizziness, headaches, blurry vision, and nausea. When the neck jolts quickly forward and back, joints and muscles can be pushed out of their original position. Particularly for those who were in a car wreck, the top joints of the neck can shift back while the bottom joints of the neck get whipped forward. Ligaments help hold the neck joints in place, and can get overly stretched. 

In cases of whiplash, discomfort and a fair degree of pain can be experienced. Our neck pain doctor located in Bethesda MD will tell you that the ligaments and joints that became loose due to the impact, now overcompensate by tensing up. PRP treatments can help alleviate pain by sending healing platelets directly into the damaged joints, ligaments, and soft tissues. 

How PRP Treatments Aid in Healing

After a Bethesda MD neck pain doctor has injected platelet rich plasma (PRP) into the neck area, it begins working by releasing growth factors and stimulating the body into repair mode. The platelets draw repair cells to the area in need, assisting in the regeneration of tissues, ligaments, muscles, and bones. The PRP samples are free of contaminated white and red blood cells, which can actually hinder healing. Additionally, our Bethesda, Maryland neck pain doctor at the Pain and Arthritis Relief Center can customize the volume and concentration of the PRP injection, depending on the person’s injury type. 

What to Expect After the Session

After the platelet rich plasma (PRP) injection into the neck area, a doctor may suggest that the patient rests so the properties can get to work. It is important to keep in mind that the whiplash may not get better immediately following a single treatment session. It can take a few weeks or months, but after repeated sessions car accident victims are likely to find significant relief in their whiplash symptoms.

For more information about how the Pain and Arthritis Relief Center can help you, call us today to schedule a consultation with our Bethesda MD neck pain doctor.